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Refill your double-edge safety razor with our 20 or 100 pack of swedish stainless steel blades. Each rockwell razor blade lasts between 4 - 8 shaves, the pure stainless steel that forms these blades protects them against rust, while the specialized treatment that crafts these blades ensure the blades retain their exceptional sharpness.


Stainless steel

How To

Blades typically last anywhere from 4 - 7 shaves, mainly depending on the coarseness of your hair.  The thicker the hair, the fast the blade will lose its sharpness. Once you feel a bit of tugging or pulling, it's probably time to change the blade!

Customer Reviews

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Mia Arnal
Perfect Price for the Perfect Blades

I’m ecstatic! Finally I can buy my razor blades in bulk while avoiding Amazon! The packaging is really nice, plastic free and practical with individually wrapped (paper) blades. The shave is close, smooth, and reliable until you need to replace the blades after they get dull (which we should always avoid bacteria!) Will definitely purchase again whenever I get through 100 of them! :)

Better than I thought!!

I really wanted to move closer to plastic-free and when I saw this razor I just had to get it! At first, I was scared to make the switch but now I loved it! I had to be careful because I did cut myself but once I got used to the movement and going easy I really enjoyed it. It is double-sided I will shave a few strokes on one side and them flip. The blade is weighted which makes it easier to shave with.

Easy to Use + Smooth Shave + Very Affordable

I just bought these with the stainless steel Rockwell Butterfly Razor and they are perfect. There’s no need to be intimidated by safety razors, as they’re just like plastic disposables. Just make sure the razor is wet and your skin is wet and has either soap, lotion or a conditioner on it to help the blade glide smoothly. I’ve used these razor blades everywhere from 'northern regions' to 'southern regions' and I haven’t cut myself anywhere, plus I’ve only needed to use 1 blade since I purchased them a couple weeks ago. It’s a no-brainer. There’s no need to buy more expensive, ineffective, and very wasteful things like disposable razors when there are better and more affordable razors that’ll last you a lifetime and razor blades you can easily recycle. Save yourself some money and the planet as well and make the switch now.

Works well

Works well! Glad I found a more eco friendly brand to switch to


Because of the review I read on here, I decided to get 100 blades. And on the first one, the razor snags and cut; I thought I was doing something wrong but then my boyfriend came to me & said he never had cut himself before (we have our own stainless steel safety razors) but with those razors, he kept on cutting himself. We disposed of and replaced the used razors. I JUST GAVE IT A LAST CHANCE and it CUT ME. I mean it shaves skin off. Crooked? We shave carefully with precautions and preparations. Don't get those.

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