Plastic Free Pursuit

Reusable Cotton Tea Bags


Most traditional tea brands use polypropylene, a sealing plastic, to keep the tea bags from falling apart. So, even when you put all your used tea bags in the food waste or compost heap, it can lead to plastic pollution, as not all of it will be broken down.

Single cotton tea bag.

2 sizes available:

  • - Small 3"x4" (big mug/small tea pot)
  • - Large 4"x6" (large tea pot)

Care Instructions

To clean your tea bag, tip it upside down into the compost or garbage. Give the bag a good rinse, and allow to air dry. If you have used milk when brewing your tea - you will want to wash your tea bag with each use. If you are brewing with just water, you can use the bag two or three times before washing.

*To wash your reusable muslin tea bag simply add it to your regular kitchen laundry. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Works for iced coffee

I got these to use in my large mason jar to make iced coffee - it doesn't do a great job, the coffee is more of a tea color in the morning (even though it's a dark roast and there's a lot in the bag), but it's delicious and easy to use and clean

Gretchen G
Tea galore!

I make big batches of tea so I can cool it and drink it over a few days and using loose leaf that was always a chore. Straining, pouring, straining again, etc. I got this on a whim and I LOVE it!!! You still get those minuscule little tea fibers but nothing big. This is great!

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