Foraged Fields

Plant Based Blush


Traditional mineral makeup is not good for your face. It doesn't let you breathe! Try looking into all natural clay, like kaolin or rhassoul clay. These bad boys will help you even out skin tone, get rid of acne and give you a radiant glow. 

This is suitable for sensitive skin, combination and oily skin. It soaks up excess oil and keeps your face matte all day! This blush leaves a rosy glow that is perfect for a day in or a night out.



100% Organic Beet Roots, French Red Clay, Arrowroot starch.

Comes in a reusable glass bottle with a cork stopper.

How To

Apply with a makeup brush (or your fingers) starting from near your ears and sweeping the color inwards towards your nose. These are natural and light but both shades are buildable in coverage so you can choose to have a darker shade even with the lighter color. They work best when applied after a face cream or moisturizer. 



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