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Pivoting Head Stainless Steel Razor Blades


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Our blades are made from cold-forged steel, hardened and sharpened to a luxurious cutting edge. There's a reason double-edge blades have been in use for more than a century. They simply deliver a great shaving experience, every single time. Made using cold-forged Swedish steel, with a platinum coating to stay sharper longer.


50 single-edge blades ready to load right out of the paper wrapper. These blades are versatile, fitting all Leaf Shave razors including the Leaf Dermaplaner. Using stainless steel blades means they can be recycled, closing the loop for a truly zero-waste shave.

  • Zero Plastic
  • Long-life, swap when dull
  • Store for recycling as end of life
  • Includes 50 single edge blades


Stainless Steel.

To recycle your blades with Leaf, secure your full tins and post them back to Leaf:

Leaf Shave c/o RECYCLE, 48 Taugwonk Spur Road Unit 2, Stonington, CT 06378.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kristen LaPorte
Scary at first - now I’m a pro

I was quite intimidated by this razor at first, but now I use it without hesitation and I feel great knowing the waste is less. I’ve also noticed my blades last longer than the disposable razor heads that my husband uses. I’m excited to have this as a long term shaving solution.

Worth it.

I was very hesitant to buy this, both because of the price and because of my past experience with a safety razor. I want a close shave with a more sustainable product that doesn't make me bleed. Regardless of how careful I was with the safety razor, I rarely managed to shave my legs without drawing blood.
When I first used the Leaf, I was so careful and very nervous. I thought it would be like the other safety razors. The more I used it, the more I felt comfortable shaving nearly as quickly and comfortably as with a cartridge razor. The construction is solid and I love that it can take generic blades.
I thought the reviews I had read that the handle was slippery were from inept, picky people until I used it. I suggest getting the grip. I think it should be included with the razor.

Emily Doleh

I switched to a generic safety razor a few months back but it was taking me ages to shave both my legs. I kept seeing this razor advertised and decided to pick it up here since it was out of stock everywhere else. No wonder it's sold out! This is the best razor I've ever used. Way better than any plastic razor and definitely a much quicker shave than a traditional safety razor. I have yet to cut myself using this and I'd typically have a few cuts every time with my old razor. What a game changer!

I thought it would take some time to get used to... but it is just the same as normal!

I absolutely love it. All the reviews I read online warned me that it would take time to get used to, but its actually just the same as a disposable razor except better because its easier to replace the blades and have it be sharp. It works great and I've got some pretty thick hair so that is saying something lol

Alison Baxter

This razor is a game-changer. Safety razors always scared me because it’s really easy to cut yourself with the blade, but with this one I’ve had no issues! It’s literally like any conventional razor, just without plastic. Love it. The best part is that I’ve saved so much money on plastic razors. This is an investment upfront but the blades are extremely inexpensive compared to plastic store-bought ones. If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it.

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