Organic Bamboo Cotton Buds


The sticks of these buds are made from a sustainable source of bamboo and the tips are made with organic cotton. They are 100% plastic-free and biodegradable and are housed in a recycled paper box. 
Also known as Q tips, cotton swabs or ear cleaners

There are 200 buds in the box.


bamboo, organic cotton

How To

You can use these cotton buds for either applying, removing or neatening up makeup. They also do the same for nail polish. Glide the bud across the skin, the cotton should absorb makeup or polish as it comes into contact. You can also moisten the buds with makeup remover, coconut oil or water. 

Customer Reviews

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Emily McIntosh
Way Stronger Than Traditional Q-Tips

I will never buy another type of Q-tip again! These are so strong, and we go through a lot! The package is the perfect amount, I can’t thank you enough! Definitely will buy again and again!

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