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The award-winning AllMatters menstrual cup replaces pads and tampons. Easy, healthy, green. 

  • Registered with The Vegan Society
  • Lasts for years, avoiding constant waste
  • Wear for up to 12 hours, without worries
  • Made of 100% soft medical-grade silicone
  • Made in Germany


Medical-Grade Silicone

Packaged in an organic cotton bag inside of a kraft paper box.

How To

Step 1
Fold and insert. The soft cup unfolds to form a light suction seal, keeping it safely in place.

Step 2
Wear for up to 12 hours. When placed correctly, you shouldn’t feel the cup. Go swim, do sports and forget all about your period.

Step 3
Empty, rinse, repeat. Even public toilets are no challenge – just use toilet paper and rinse when you’re back home.

Size Guide

Size A: 
Light or regular flow.
Holds up to 27mL 
Recommended for those who haven't given birth vaginally.

Size B:
Heavy flow
Holds up to 33mL
Recommended for those who have given birth vaginally.


Won’t it leak?
No. When inserted correctly, the cup shouldn’t leak if it’s not completely full (and presuming you have the right size).

How long does it last?
The material of the cup is tested to last for years. We recommend that you replace it if the material starts getting sticky or cracks.

Is it safe and hygienic?
Yes, the cup is made from 100% medical grade silicone, which is a material that has been tested for bio compatibility and is safe to wear inside the body. It doesn’t contain BPA or latex. Our menstrual cup is also AllergyCertified and registered with The Vegan Society.

Can I use it with an IUD?
Yes, but it's important to release the suction seal before removing the cup. We recommend consulting with your gynecologist prior to use and if you just had your IUD fitted, you should wait at least 2 cycles before you start using a menstrual cup.


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