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By our estimates, more than 300 million plastic dermaplaner refills and wands are thrown away each year. Make the switch to Leaf Dermaplaner, and never toss a plastic refill or tool again.

Leaf Dermaplaner is an all-metal, zero-waste system for removing peach fuzz, maintaining facial hair, and exfoliating skin with an Earth-friendly footprint.


At-home dermaplaning is growing in popularity, but the available tools are either wasteful single-use plastic or high-priced wands with expensive blades encased in plastic…the same problems that plague shaving razors (sigh). Leaf's mission is to change the way we groom and maintain our hair, so they designed a better tool for dermaplaning, with none of the plastic. You’re going to LOVE it.

Pair with our Dermaplaner Stand to keep your tool clean and dry between uses!

  • Remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells
  • Increase skin permeability for skincare products
  • Includes: Dermaplaner Tool, Dermaplaner Refills x2 (blade & blade-guards), and Precision Clip.

To recycle your blades with Leaf, secure your full tins and post them back to Leaf:

Leaf Shave c/o RECYCLE, 48 Taugwonk Spur Road Unit 2, Stonington, CT 06378.


Stainless Steel, Zinc, Brass.

How To

Prep: Cleanse your face completely

Step 1: Use on either dry skin, or apply a small amount of shaving oil. If you’re unsure about which method works best for your skin, ask your dermatologist.

Step 2: Hold your skin taut. Place the blade at a 45-degree angle against your skin.

Step 3: Use light pressure, and move in short downward strokes towards the center of your face. As needed, rinse or wipe the blade. Take your time, and get comfortable with the technique.

Finish: Rinse your skin and finish with Leaf Shave Oil to moisturize your skin.

Every Leaf Dermaplaner includes a steel precision clip. Clip this onto the head to cover a portion of the blade, effectively creating a smaller blade exposure for precision work.

Plucking and waxing can be painful and expensive, so use Dermaplaner with the precision clip to maintain brows and other fine facial hair.

Care Instructions

Thoroughly rinse your tool and blade after use. Replace the blade and blade-guard once a month. Wipe the blade and blade guard with alcohol to disinfect. 

Customer Reviews

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I am so in love with this already! Works great, easy to use & clean & it’s sustainable!!!

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