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Perfect, exactly what I wanted! The fabric and thick and sturdy, so are the straps, there’s a little zipper pocket inside which I love and of course the cow print is so cute. I’m super pleased!

Fantastic hair ties!

Strong, large, pain-free. And so many for such a good price. Why aren’t all hair ties like these??

My cat LOVES these!

She got very attached to some small polyester felt balls that my nephews were doing arts and crafts with and she would carry them around in her mouth. I was concerned that she would ingest them, so I wanted to get something similar but non-toxic. These were the perfect choice! They roll phenomenally well, so she can chase and bat them to her heart’s content.


These are so pretty and do exactly what they are supposed to do. I will say that your soap especially like bar shampoo can get stuck to it so I try to angle my soap so that it isn't sitting flat on it.

Does its job

Pretty and functional, I call that a win.


I used these for awhile and went back to regular tube toothpaste for it bit. I definitely feel like these clean your teeth way more. They leave my mouth feeling fresh for most of the day.


I had high hopes for this moisturizer and they met those expectations. It isn't oily, it doesn't leave a residue, and it does its job.

Hair Type:: Straight, Thick/Coarse
Hair Concern:: Dryness, Frizzy, Dull and/or Flat
Amazing as always

They all smell amazing and now mahogany is now my favorite. A manly scent while being refreshing.

Best Hair ties!

These are beautiful and plastic free 😍

Hair Type:: Wavy
Hair Concern:: Oily, Damaged, Frizzy
Smells like coconut berries with rain air

awesome stuff!! smells soft and fresh

Love it

I mix two shade and it's color is really spot on

I like this

Has a redder tint I mix with the darkest one.

Nice scent

I like the scent. Used for my 3 year old. Smells citrusy.

I really like this

The smell is great. Very earthy. I don't smell like bo lol

Winter Spice Lip Balm
Teri Baker
Love it

The scent is wonderful, very smooth going on and keeps my lips soft!

Love the taste

Hard to find spearmint flavored toothpaste. This is very refreshing and leaves my teeth clean!

I love em

Great these are great flavor, they are not mushy. I am a big texture person and these are great

Make the switch!

These are a great eco friendly manual toothbrush. Soft bristles and the handle is smooth to hold. I also like how easy it is to remove the bristles when it’s time to recycle the handle.

Hair Type:: Curly, Wavy, Thick/Coarse
Hair Concern:: Dandruff and/or Itchy Scalp, Dryness, Frizzy
Great set!

I tried the Iris set after the Jade bars were discontinued at the recommendation of the Plastic Free crew. While I still prefer Jade for the citrus and coconut scent this bar does a perfect job cleaning my hair without being too heavy. It’s lighter than the Quartz bars, which I also love, but the Iris doesn’t cause buildup. I’ll be sticking with Iris from now on. My hair dresser says she’s never seen my hair as healthy as it is now (it was very damaged years ago) and I think that’s in big part to the bars. I also use a leave in conditioner spray after using these and my hair is never greasy looking. I usually only need to wash my hair every 2-3 days.

Great quality, fun puzzle

enjoyed the design of this puzzle and the quality was really nice. So glad to find one without plastic and nice to regift

Cedar + Sage + Coriander Hand and Body Lotion
Smooth, Woodsy, and Wild!

I am normally not a hand lotion person. Because my entire body is so oily, I have steered away from lotions and have never cared for them. However, I love Cedar and Sage. I have also been traveling a lot for missions trips and, and certain areas were colder than usual. That's when I decided to give this guy a go, and I love it! It is not heavy, thick, sticky, or too oily. It is like soft whipped butter caressing your skin and just soaks in without any hassle. I use it more often, due to December:) I would recommend anyone and everyone try it.

Being Ingenue-ous with my nails

I used to hate painting my nails. Mostly because growing up I was never a girly-girl. But when I grew up, I knew my color scheme, which surrounded neutrals. I hated the idea of having a color on my nails that was obscure and hard to pair up with my clothes. I wanted something I loved and could go with almost everything, but also safe. I love this color and this nail polish. it doesn't take a whole lot for me to glob on; I do one smear and when it dries, it is absolutely beautiful! I love this shade!

Soft Cleanse

I use this to wash my face, cleanse off after a mask, or even spread some cream if I don't want to get anything on my hands. The hemp and bamboo truly help with wiping off gently and even patting on softly.

Absolutely Amazing

These rounds are so soft and remove the makeup like no other fabric. They don't smudge the makeup around while wiping!
I also love that I can hand wash them or throw them in the washer, and they are ready to go for another round of cleaning:) Love these!

Sea Salt Spray
Baylee Swan
Sea Salt and Love!

Just like the hair detangler, I was desperate to get my hands on this product. I waited for a year for the hair detangler, but I waited for almost two and a half years for this guy! People bought them out like crazy! and when they were in stock, I missed them and had to wait for them to come back in. It was a crazy long journey, but I am so glad I finally got my hands on this Sea Salt Spray! It not only smells nice, but you definitely get that ocean mist appearance with your waves. LOVE IT!