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The only thing we use for our baby’s skin since he was a newborn. This lotion is such high quality, will continue to buy forever.

Hard water approved

The pandemic was a good time to try out shampoo bars instead of bottled liquid shampoo, and it turned into a hunt for something, ANYTHING, that would work with our hard well water. The only bars that didn't leave my hair a matted, greasy mess were the ones from Plastic Free Pursuit. They lathered well and my hair stayed cleaner longer. I could go two days between washes, which was unheard of for my oily hair. I ran out a few weeks ago and decided to use up whatever bottled shampoo still laying around and can't believe how quickly my hair went back to needing to be washed every day, and how icky my scalp got. This round I ordered the larger Mango bar (and some others, haven't tried them yet) and it lathers even better than my previous PFP bars! Super happy and glad I stocked up with 3 bars this order. That's a solid 6 months of shampoo for me.


I ordered this as a replacement for my old brush. This one is so much more gentle with your hair than most brushes I’ve used.

Great Basic Lift

Great basic lift that serves it's purpose well!

Slats Are Very Large

I love the way this lift looks and it's great for holding a few different kinds of soap or one very large bar. Our only struggle has been that small pieces of soap fall through the slats because they're so large! We have just purchased the regular soap lift off of this website so that the smaller pieces don't fall through. It fits perfectly and keeps all our soap in there!

Great Design

Love this design! Allows my bars to dry super fast and keeps them nice!

New Favorite?!?

I have tried many of the shampoos and love all of them but this scent might be my new favorite! All of the shampoos have a great lather and last forever. This one is super refreshing and moisturizing! I am a big fan


One of my all-time favorite products. Perfect for my extremely sensitive skin. It's moisturizing and balancing and I love that it has so few ingredients! Big fan

One of My Favorite Products!

I've been using this toner for a few months now and love it! I have super sensitive skin and this has been both refreshing and soothing for it. Already have purchased twice and will purchase again.

Organic Body Butter
Taylor Schultz

I’m a fan of thick lotion and this is the perfect consistency! I love the smell of the eucalyptus. It is a bit oil, which I don’t mind, but should be considered before buying. Would buy again.

New go to face wash

Title says it all. I feel glowy, revitalized, and clean after using! I feel like it doesn’t strip my skin like other face washes do, leaving me feeling too dry and flaky. This stuff is my new go to!

Ocean Grove Bar Soap
Taylor Schultz
Long lasting

I bought the oatmeal honey soap bar a few weeks ago and noticed it didn’t last very long, I use the soap bag and hung to dry. I wanted to try a different soap to see if it was just a fluke or all the soap. I tried this one and it’s lasted a while so far! The scent is very neutral and it leaves my skin feeling soft!

Great product

These are soft, the perfect size and the fact that they are black means that they won't look dirty even when stained from makeup. They fit pretty well into a mason jar so that you can make your own facewash solution and have them soaked and ready to go.

Love this color

I have a balmie in sorbet and in this color, and this one is definitely my favorite. It is creamy, blends well, and lasts a long while. I do not wear much makeup, so this is the perfect amount of color for my skin. I am pale, so this color is bright on me. It is pigmented!!

10/10 love these towels

This is the second pack of towels I have purchased from PFP! I LOVE THEM. I buy them in white so I can easily get out stains. They are much more durable than paper towels and machine washable. They are also really absorbent!

This bar definitely has a very strong smell it smells really good if you are into that, but if you are into more subtle smells I'd recommend another scent. Aside from that the conditioner bar itself leaves my hair very soft.


I recommend these bars to everyone, have done wonders for my hair and last a while.


It smells divine, before these upcircle products my face care routine was non existent but they are just so amazing look forward to using this scrub weekly!

Bamboo Hair Brush
Luisa Alvarez
Nice brush

The brush is pretty nice, definitely different feel than other brushes I have used. Gets the job done

Same as regular cotton swabs, better for your planet/conscience!

I attempted the last swab which is a rubber reusable ear swab. It was not cleaning as well as regular cotton swabs. This switch made my conscience feel better because they are bamboo (better for the planet) and get the job done!

Only scrub I use!

I use once a week and it provides a nice deep clean to my face. I follow up with moisturizer and my face feels refreshed!

Soaks in perfectly!

Other drugstore moisturizers were in plastic and left my skin greasy and oily! This moisturizer is in gorgeous glass jars and soaks into my skin perfectly. I am only left feeling moisturized rather than greasy. Will use for life!

Just like regular mascara!

Switched over from drugstore brands to be more eco-friendly. Works the same! Super satisfied and I plan on using it for life!

I love this soap

This soap works great. The bar lasts a long time and doesn’t leave residue. Best of all, it’s unscented, which is my preference for dish soaps.

Favorite dish soap

I use nothing else but this soap block. It cleans my dishes very well without leaving soap or water stains and lathers up so much with just a few rubs on the dish sponge. It's also non-toxic so I even use this to wash my dog's food and water bowls. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a low-waste dish soap.