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Should be the norm

Should should be how all batteries work! I hate the plastic packaging of the ones in stores that's not even resealable, as if I'm using all 20 batteries at once?! This box is very organized.

so good

great packaging, actually very moisturizing formula

It actually works!

Y'all, I'll admit that I was skeptical. We have very irony water at work and so I have it a shot. Water tastes so much better!!

Love it!

Rainforest Shampoo Bar
Breanna Homann
Hair Type:: Wavy

Love it!

Loyal customer

I love yay for earth products.
Yay for earth lotion keeps my skin hydrated all day long.

Hair Type:: Curly, Wavy
Hair Concern:: Oily, Frizzy, Easily Tangles, Thinning
A very nice product

I have hair that normally turns quite oily after a day after one wash this product made my hair a lot less oily in general even after a few days after a wash, a very lovely product for oily hair. Be aware if you live in a hot or humid area your product could arrive a little melted like mine but other then that this product is worth the money. Very fulfilling!

These are my favorite!

I love the spearmint flavor with these mouthwash tablets! Definitely so much better than bottle mouthwash.

Works great!

Love not having to use disposable dryer sheets.

Love these tablets!

We have been using these tablets for a few years now and just love them.

Very soothing

This works wonders on various rashes on our family, and on super dry irritated winter skin


I actually prefer this to a traditional cotton swab now, and it’s super quick and easy to wash and dry.


This is such a great product, I use it almost every day. Seems like it’s going to last forever too.

Medium Eyebrow Wax
Kristie Henry
Works great!

This is great for tinting and shaping my super light eyebrows

Good stuff

Smells great, works well, lasts a long time

Rainbow Unpaper Towels
Kristie Henry
Great for toddler cleanup

These work well for our toddler to clean her hands and face after meals


This works so much better than brushing!

A bit more orange

I love these balmies but this color looks more orange on me than I expected based on the name and photos

Not our favorite

This is such a great concept but it just doesn’t seem as concentrated as other liquid soap at the diluted ratio recommended, we had to double it to feel like it was enough. So at that point it wasn’t very economical for us.

Great gift for any Event

So far I have sampled the toothbrush, and dental floss. Great products much better than anticipated.

Hair Type:: Straight
Hair Concern:: Oily, Frizzy
Love it!

It takes some getting used to applying conditioner with a bar but my hair feels so soft and fabulous after only 1 product applied.

My Go-to!

I love this for my daily face wash! It smells divine and I love how it foams up into such a lush feeling lather. It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or irritated.

My Go-to!

This is my Go-to body wash for the shower! I love the smell and how it doesn't leave my skin feeling dried out like a lot of other bar soaps.

My Favorite Eye Cream!

I love the consistency and smell. It absorbs quickly without leftover residue. I love the packaging as well — waste free!

Love this stuff

It has simple ingredients and feels great on your skin. It is oil so don’t expect lotion or cream. It just feels good knowing what you are putting on your skin!