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Love it

Makes my hair very soft and smells great! I definitely recommend.

Mini Wall Charger
Rebecca Sykes
Great quality

Great quality and charges my phone very fast. I definitely recommend it.

Works great

Very happy with this! Great quality and charges my phone very fast.


I find this soap to be less drying than others and is a good size!

Soap Saver Bag
Must have

At first it's a little rougher than you'd like but I have an older one that is now the perfect texture. It helps your soap have suds and easier to lather.

Never Had Boba, But Great for Smoothies

It's a little bigger than expected, but it works great for my smoothies and milkshakes. The only complaint I have is that I can't suck up every last bit like with a smaller straw, haha.

Sandalwood- a Bar of Mythical Change

They say there is a little bit of magic in this world, and in my opinion, I have come to a half biopsy conclusion- there is, indeed, magic in this shampoo bar! But not just your average Tinker bell magic, but one that stays with you throughout the day, makes you happy, and helps the Earth in the process of helping you!:) I absolutely love Sandalwood, and most shampoos that are entwined with eco-friendly companies still use plastic bottles. So I am beyond pleased to have found Plastic Pursuit, as well as the shampoo that I can claim as my magical item in my shower! My hair definitely glimmers and glows after usage! Absolutely love this item!

From Upside-down Skin, to UpCircle!

I didn’t realize how much I would be turning my whole skin care around with this face mask!
In all honesty, I have never really been much of a face mask person, but With research, I came to a place of understanding that it was more than just a simple pamper once a week; masks can be quiet essential.
When I was read watching around, I found Plastic Pursuit, and obviously, masks were not my number thing for my bucket list, until I came across UpCircle! I read all the ingredients and knew it wouldn’t mess with my oily skin but rather my skin would benefit from it, as well as nourish it! A little oily at first, but the oil seeps in pretty quickly and leaves a complete refreshed look, and it also helps with blemishes(or, at least it has with me:)) Super grateful for this product! 100 thumbs up!

Turning Turmeric to the Next Level

Talk about taking Turmeric to the next level! Never imagined using this for my skin. I have excessively oily skin, plus I am on medication, which just adds on to the already seeping oil on my face. I am very much a natural remedy person, and I have tried basic things, and even eco-friendly products. But even those products had some form of chemical to make it sustainable to work as it should. I just wanted something purely natural and chemical free! The moment I found this, I had to try it and have never looked back! From day one of trying it, I noticed a massive difference in my skin, acne, and dark spots! As crazy as that may sound, it is the truth! I know skin types are all different, but I wouldn’t trade this turmeric for anything else in the world, and am so grateful that Plastic Pursuit made it! Thank you so much Turmeric Stick! You have turned my world around to the fullest and taken me to the next level! A definite %100

Fresh Foundation

I never imagined that I would ever find a complete “plant-based” foundation! Most eco-friendly websites tend to only have makeup that is half eco-friendly; there is no full description on everything that is in the product, and there is no disclosure on whether it is animal cruelty free.
There have been so many websites that claim these things and I end up reading the product more in-depth realizing otherwise.
This foundation is just perfect for me! Not only the color, but the amount; a little goes a long way for me, plus I don’t use a whole lot of makeup, so this lasts me a long time! It is light and is super easy to put on and take off. LOVE it!

Works great

This is the best thing I have tried yet for washing dishes.

Absolutely love it!

This deodorant works great! The scent is just right, and I don’t have to reapply during my day!

Toothpaste Tabs - Mint
Faith Johnston
Love them!!

Absolutely love them! They foam up super easily, and never disappoint!

Vegan All-Purpose Cleaner
Aurora Ostolasa
Smells like the holidays

Fragrance is delicious and reminds me of the holidays! Leaves my services clean and sparkly. Only used a couple times but so far, I’d recommend the clove and orange

Easy to use

These work well, are compact and easy to take traveling, but also easy to use at home and definitely a space saver! Of course I love that there’s no plastic involved, either!

Wooden Soap Lift
Amandaliz Ortiz
Love it

Gets the job done : ) thank u!!


First time trying these bars! They smell so good and left my hair feeling so smooth/soft/not greasy. I will deff be trying out other scents😍


First time trying these bars! They smell so good and left my hair feeling so smooth/soft/not greasy. I will deff be trying out other scents😍

Bamboo Drying Rack
kami schoepp
Exactly what I was looking for!

I have been looking for a rack to put my reusable bags on when they’re drying, and this is perfect!! I love it!


These are beautiful and functional. Cuts drying time down and makes me feel good about not using a hundred little dryer sheets!

Elevated Toothpaste
Cassandra P
Great natural option

My partner and I have tried many a natural toothpaste, and this brand is, by far, our favorite.

Smells so good!!

The smell is amazing and my hair is so smooth and shiny! The lather is amazing and your hair always feels clean after using.

Organic Lip Therapy
Maria De Los Angeles Bribiesca

It's much smaller than I expected, but the smell is very nice and it's plastic free which is great.

Great natural deodorant!

I live in the desert, and it’s been hard to find something that’s easy on my sensitive skin while also doing it’s job. This stuff is great!! Also love that it’s female owned! The only downside is that it doesn’t stay solid, but that could be because it’s just hot where I live and there’s no way around that.