3 Easy Ways To Implement Zero-Waste Into Your Kitchen.

Life can get a little bit busy, we totally get it! Before you know it, it’s chaos in the kitchen, you’re running late and that to-do list just won’t stop growing. In the midst of it all, you’re looking into how to implement a zero-waste lifestyle into your kitchen. No worries! We’ve got you covered. At Plastic Free Pursuit, we believe that being kinder to our planet shouldn’t only feel rewarding, but should be convenient, affordable, and sustainable. That’s why we’ve made a list of our top three ways to start implementing zero-waste living into your kitchen.

1. Reusable containers 

One of the easiest ways to lower your waste in the kitchen is to start getting rid of all those single-use plastics. That’s a big no from us. Investing in reusable containers and washable bowl covers is a surefire way to ensure that you aren’t only saving a buck or two, but that you’re limiting the amount of plastic you use on a daily basis.

2. Do think twice, it’s alright.

This is where you’re going to need to use a little bit of self-control. We know we all love a nifty gadget or two in the kitchen, but try to focus on quality, not quantity. Looking for new pots or pans? Rather invest in one or two that are a bit pricier, but have a longer lifespan. This will allow you to save money in the long run and fill your kitchen with items that don’t have to be replaced every few months.

3. Get produce from your local farmers market

We love a great wholesome farmers’ market. Buying your veggies from local markets doesn’t only ensure that your produce is super fresh and delicious, but it massively decreases your single-use plastic intake. Grab a basket, fill it with some of your faves, and make a fun outing out of your weekly veggie shopping trip.

Ready to start your journey to a zero-waste lifestyle? We’re here to guide you every step of the way. Our products are specifically designed to help you start with a strong foundation for a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.  Browse through our plastic-free and planet-friendly alternatives for kitchenware on our website today.

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