Debunking Myths About Sustainable Living.

What’s all the fuss about and is it really so hard?

Over the years, sustainable living has become all the more popular and important. However, it’s still struggling to break free from plenty of misinformation floating around, giving it a somewhat bad rep. Sustainable living was once the new kid on the block – no one really knew that much about it, rumors were going around about what they were like and some just blatantly avoided it because getting to know it seemed like a whole lot of effort. Luckily, living a sustainable life is now easier than ever, and making a few small changes in your household can help you save mama earth, save time and save some money in the process.

To help you figure out how to navigate an eco-friendly lifestyle and how to separate fact from fiction - we’ve decided to squash a few myths once and for all!

Myth 1: Sustainable Living is Expensive

We’re tackling the myths in full force and started with what we feel is one of the biggest misconceptions about sustainable living. Now, although some reusable items may seem pricy upfront, it’s important to be mindful of the costs you’ll save in the long run. Investing in re-usable items will allow you to ditch the single-use next time, and the time after that, and the time after that - until the product eventually pays for itself, and then some. Eco-friendly shopping is also based on the foundation of being mindful about your purchases - not consuming more. It encourages you to think about how necessary the item is in your home and how often it would need replacing.

Myth 2: You can’t ever use plastic again or you’re super bad at sustainable living.

Unfortunately, there’s an ongoing mindset that if you can’t live a perfect zero-waste, zero-plastic lifestyle, why even try? Uhm - that’s a hard no from us. Sustainable plastic-free living isn’t an all or nothing approach, and vowing to never touch plastic again is a pretty hefty goal when just getting started. The aim is to decrease and be as mindful as you can about your plastic use. See where you can make small changes and stick to them. Like they say “we don’t need a few people to live plastic-free perfectly, we need millions to do it imperfectly”.

Myth 3: A Sustainable lifestyle is time-consuming.

We think it’s safe to say that most people get turned away from sustainable living because it feels too time-consuming and like too much effort. Now, although there is some truth to the myth, we believe that it doesn’t have to feel like a chore with the right team by your side. At Plastic Free Pursuit, one of our key goals is to make sustainable living an easy and convenient choice for your home and family. That’s why all our products are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into your home so you can save time and save our planet all at once. 

Have you heard some other myths about sustainable living and want to find out if it’s true or not? Send us a message - we’d love to chat! In the meantime, have a look at our large range of products on our website that will help you kickstart your sustainable living journey!

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