Why You Should Ditch Shampoo Bottles for Bars

People often ask “what is the minimum/easiest effort we can make to prevent climate change? Or how can we contribute to preventing global warming while sitting at home?”.  This article provides the best possible answer to these questions and that is to swap out bottled products for bars. This might sound silly and useless at first, but I would encourage all of you to read the complete article and you will see for yourself how making such a small change in your routine can lead to a substantial reduction in overall pollution and waste.

Now you must be wondering “okay, what is so great about shampoo bars?” Well, here are some benefits:

Reduction in Plastic waste
A single plastic bottle takes up to hundreds of years to decompose and during these years it pollutes our water bodies and kills marine life by breaking down into tiny particles called Microplastics.  Almost 500 million bottles are thrown away every year so you can imagine the deadly impact it has on our environment. Shampoo bars, on the other hand, come without the plastic bottles and any packaging so, using them saves our nature from a huge amount of waste.

Organic Ingredients
You will be shocked to know that the bottled shampoo you use every day contains various harmful chemicals that are, even though beneficial in the short run, actually damaging the quality of your hair in the long run. After getting washed up from your head, these substances end up in our rivers and streams contaminating the water.
Our shampoo bars are produced from ingredients which are completely organic and harmless. Essential oils such as olive and coconut oil are often used in the production. Palm oil is not usually used as an ingredient since it is hazardous for forests, unless certified to be safe. Our shampoo bars are also safe to use for vegans since they do not have keratin, a chemical extracted from chicken feathers.

Easy to use and carry
Just rub the bar against your hands and then massage your hair or better yet simply run the bar over your wet hair for suds within seconds. Not only is it time consuming, but it is also easier to apply.
As far as packing and carrying shampoo bars, these little things are a life saver. They are not liquid, so you need not worry about any leakage onto your clothes or other valuables. They are also very light and tiny, as you can see from their size, so they do not take up too much of your space.
Moreover, you would not have to worry about exceeding your liquid limit in your luggage. We all know how irritating it is when you get stopped for carrying too many liquid products. Shampoo bars have solved that problem once and for all and are TSA approved. This is great for taking in your carry on luggage, too!

Sustainable at its peak
We often hear that recycling products is a great way to preserve our environment from additional waste, but shampoo bars are even more sustainable than recycling because they generate no waste. We’re way past recycling our way out of our pollution problem. You can use a bar until it completely dies out, so you do not have to worry about decomposing it at all.
Shampoo bars also have lower carbon footprint than bottled shampoos because of less chemically treated ingredients and less rigorous production method. A single truck full of shampoo bars is roughly equivalent to about 15 trucks of liquid shampoos so less air pollution in transportation as well. It is also a great way for you to reduce your carbon emissions.

More economical than bottled shampoo
That is correct for several reasons. Firstly, shampoo bars last longer than bottled shampoo because they have far great concentration as they consist of barely any amount of water. Bottled shampoo on the other hand, has up to 80% of water.
Therefore, switching to shampoo bars allows you to save money, water, AND waste.

Shiny and robust hair
This is probably the most important benefit aside from the zero waste perspective. Yes, shampoo bars will leave you with much healthier hair than any liquid shampoo. The main reason for that is the natural ingredients. Not only do they refresh your scalp and treat dandruff, but they also take care of your split ends. Our shampoo bars also aid in the removal of build up, and will make your hair feel light and full.
Liquid shampoos made with not so good ingredients suck up the natural oil in your hair causing hair fall. After a couple of days you will feel as if you lubricated your hair so you shampoo them again and this cruel pattern continues.

Now enough with the benefits. Another important question that you should ask before switching to shampoo bars is “what product should I choose?”. The qualities that I just mentioned are not going to be prevalent in every brand. So, you should carefully select the brand and product. To help you with this, we have listen down a few features of a quality shampoo bar:

Make sure the product you are choosing does not contain any artificial scent or coloring, because then it will be the same as its liquid counterpart.
Read the ingredients before buying any shampoo bar. A good product which is produced naturally has limited life so check that.
The one which has modest ingredients and decent packaging should be on your sight.

Following are the ingredients to look for in a shampoo bar:
Castor Oil: good for hair growth and avoiding itching and inflammation/irritation of hair
Argan Oil: essential for glossy hair and provides Vitamin E and fatty acids.
Lemongrass Oil: It makes your hair aromatic and helps with treating scalp conditions.
Activated charcoal: this helps in cleaning the scalp when it gets oily and filled with dirt. This allows the hair to grow at a healthy rate.
Seed Oil: great for moisturizing strands and split ends as it is rich in vitamins and proteins. It is also useful for cleansing the scalp.
Coconut Oil: Beneficial for hair growth, provides minerals and essential fatty acids.
Essential Oil: Gives your hair a pleasant aroma and provides many benefits for your hair and scalp.

All of our shampoo bars are formulated to be long lasting, with many benefits for your hair and scalp. Each bar is made with a different blend of essential oils, colored naturally with plant oxides and clays, and is sure to make you love your hair more then ever before. 


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