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Love the product, rich texture, great color

Cleansing Oil
Emma Rainoff
Heavy but good

I used to use Meow Meow Tweet's cleansing oil and only ordered this one because it was backordered. It's definitely heavier than MMT's and doesn't have quite as nice a scent, but it works well and removes makeup and oil easily.

Mesh Laundry Bag

Purchased these to hold my Rainbow Cotton Rounds. Small & light, I hung it near the sink, & pop in the cotton round when I’m done using. When it’s full, into the wash it goes!

Rainbow Cotton Rounds

Much better than I expected, these rounds are good quality! Perfect for daily face washing, just what I needed.

Hair Type:: Curly, Wavy, Thick/Coarse
Hair Concern:: Dandruff and/or Itchy Scalp, Dryness, Oily, Damaged, Grey/Aged, Frizzy, Dull and/or Flat, Thinning
Great first impression

It doesn't seem like anything is going on your hair LOL so it's hard to judge how much is in your hair. But it does actually seem to work. My hair is nice and shiny but not weighed down at all. I used in combination with the shampoo bar. My hair feels great. This was my first use so we'll see if it causes buildup and I'll change my review if my opinion changes.

Hair Type:: Wavy, Thick/Coarse
Hair Concern:: Dandruff and/or Itchy Scalp, Dryness, Oily, Damaged, Grey/Aged, Frizzy, Dull and/or Flat, Thinning
Great first impression

I couldn't wait to get my shampoo and conditioner bars. I couldn't believe how well it lathered! It smelled great. It cleaned my hair without that squeaky clean feeling if you know what I mean. It didn't seem to strip my hair of everything. We'll see how it goes as time goes on. I'll update my review if my opinion changes

Very durable

These colored pencils are very durable and I love that no trees were harmed in the making of them! Very clever idea

So cute!

I love these water toys! They don’t spray too much and allow kids to practice fine motor control while they play in the water

Great feel and smell

I love this face oil! It feels great and doesn’t leave too much oily residue on my skin. It smells amazing, too!

So Worth It!

Honestly so great, takes a little to get used to but much more effective than cotton swabs, and super easy to clean.

The only shampoo and conditioner bars that work for my fine, wavy hair and don’t irritate my scalp. Will always repurchase.

Satisfied customer

My under eyes feel firmer after use for a few days. I like the feeling when I use this stick!

Obsessed! The only shampoo bars I’ll ever use

Super cute

These are super cute, squeezable and so glad they are not plastic! Just what we were hoping to find for tub time. Thank you!

Yay for earth

Great product, have been using it for years. Owner and maker of yay for earth products lives her life as trash free as possible. Puts her heart and soul into every one of her products. Will continue to buy as use

Hair Type:: Wavy
Hair Concern:: Oily, Damaged, Frizzy, Thinning
Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

My shipment did come in 15 days after ordering it. I did reach out to a representative around day 10 just to verify that everything was okay. The woman I spoke with (Aimee) was very kind and did a great job of explaining why there was a delay. Once I had the opportunity to use the bars I was incredibly surprised at how squeaky clean my hair felt. I'm not sure exactly what I expected, as this was my first time using any hair bars, however, these exceeded my expectations! My hair smells amazing and feels so healthy! I bought these for my travels because I was worried about my liquid sizes on carry-on. I'm very delighted that this is one less thing I have to worry about, knowing I have a great sustainable option for traveling that will leave my hair feeling great!!! I do have wavy hair on my good hair days and this product definitely brings out my waves! ** I have also attached a picture for size reference.

Great buy

Love these filters, they completely eliminate the sludge that paper filters let thru. Good price & easy to clean

Hair Type:: Thick/Coarse
Hair Concern:: Grey/Aged

Still waiting on delivery of this product.

Hello, Denise!
Thank you for your purchase and your review. It looks like you had ordered products that were on 'pre-order' and we mentioned this when you chatted with us on February 15. It looks like your order was marked as delivered by USPS on February 26.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us via email!

- Aimee

Nice oil

I just wanted something simple and nourishing. This fits the bill and lasts a long time for my face.


This is my second glycerin soap bar. My first was the chai scented one. I appreciate that the ingredients are simple and glycerin soap doesn't leave my skin filmy or dry, which is a game changer.

Leave in Conditioner
Does exactly as it says!

I love the smell of this leave in conditioner. It leaves my hair soft and acts as a detangler.


I got the travel size just to try it out. It’s amazing it’s the most moisturizing conditioner bar i’ve used! Will be getting again!!!

Hair Type:: Wavy, Thick/Coarse
Hair Concern:: Dryness, Frizzy

Leaves hair feeling clean and soft!

Hair Type:: Wavy, Thick/Coarse
Hair Concern:: Dryness, Frizzy
Amazing as always

Hair always feels amazing after using and smells amazing.

Produce Wash Bar Soap
Lisa Nordstrom
Love this produce wash!

Even though the produce was bar lasts a long time, I bought multiples so I won’t run out!