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I love this soap

This soap works great. The bar lasts a long time and doesn’t leave residue. Best of all, it’s unscented, which is my preference for dish soaps.

Favorite dish soap

I use nothing else but this soap block. It cleans my dishes very well without leaving soap or water stains and lathers up so much with just a few rubs on the dish sponge. It's also non-toxic so I even use this to wash my dog's food and water bowls. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a low-waste dish soap.

A necessity

These balmies are epic! A must have and essential to carry around with you in your bag, plus they're the perfect travel size. These are great to have handy if you ever need an under 5 minute makeover -- and the results are jaw dropping. They're hydrating, luminizing and rich in color. I'm obsessed. The Malibu set of Champagne, Peach and Clementine are my absolute favorite and work well with my skin tone.

Smells amazing!

I'm so glad I was able to find the spearmint flavor here at PFP -- thanks for stocking this one! It's one of my favorite flavors


This duster is great! A very good alternative to store bought dusters which are bad for the environment and get gross quick.

Very relaxing

This lavender oil smells so good and has been helpful while trying to fall asleep.

New Favorite!

My hands get very dry from my job and this revived them! It smells SO good and is super moisturizing and not too oily.

These are great!

Wonderful to use with toner! Very soft and non abrasive to the skin. These are a must!

Favorite toys!

Both my cats love wool toys, especially my kitten. My kitten loves tearing her toys up and so far these have been very durable and looks like they will last longer than some we’ve had before

The last straw

My first step in being Plastic Free is small, but feels umpactful. No more using single use straws! All the durability with NO metallic taste. These straws are stylish while protecting the environment!

NICE !!!

Very pleasant taste, very subtle.
Not the usual overwhelming mint.
This may be my wife's & myself's favorite
Toothpaste so far 😉

Smells amazing, slow dissolving

This is the first time I've tried this type of bath cube. The Beauty Kube brand is wonderful and this product has a wonderful, light, comforting scent. It does take a long time to dissolve, but it was actually nice. I've even let it partially dissolve, dry out the rest, then used the remainder the next day.

Favorite new purchase

Such a cute and functional hot/cold pack. I’ve only tested the hot capabilities— but it gets nice and warm and stays warm. Really love the cute pattern options!

Plastic-free perfection!

Now that many coffee places accept personal cups, I knew I needed one that would fit in a cup holder, clean well, and get the job done. This is IT! Wow! Worth the $$!!

Needed these!

Perfect small-medium m stainless steel cups.. Can be used for just about anything. I need to buy more!

Soap Saver Bag
Dianne Homan
Great simple concept

Loving this product, say no more.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner

Love the metal cups in our bathroom, replacing plastic cups. Perfect size.

Better than Spa quality!

I have used pure acetone for 5 years since being in cosmetology school (yuck, I know) and was pretty skeptical about a product with no acetone and only 3 ingredients but I knew I needed something more natural so I had to try it. This stuff works SO WELL it exceeded my expectations, didn’t stink up the bathroom with chemical smell, only 3 main ingredients, comes in glass, my toes were soo soft from the soybean oil afterward, the tea tree helps with my little nail fungal issue (sorry tmi), etc etc. Can’t recommend this stuff more. A must for your bathroom cabinet

Wooden Soap Lift
Andrea Russell
I love it!

Minimalistic look and doesn't get dirty


Has a little extra space on the inside. Cute and better than plastic.

The shampoo is really nice, it smells so good and leave the hair really soft after. It was easy to use and foamed up real fast

Great! Better than plastic.

Love it! Makes apple-eating so much easier. The plastic one we used to have broke, I don’t see this one breaking anytime soon!

Soap Saver Bag
Taylor Schultz
Love this

I’ve always used a luffa but after I bought the bar soap from here I decided to ditch the plastic and go for a natural alternative. So happy I did! The texture is perfect, it’s definitely different as far as shape/usability but it’s a switch I feel comfortable and confident making!

Goodbye dryer sheets

Love this product! I’m sick of spending money on things that are wasteful and toxic. I’m trying to incorporate sustainable living into my daily life and this dryer ball is a game changer.

Great soap

Bought this as a natural alternative without harmful ingredients in replacement of what I was using before. I love it! Bought with the soap bag instead of using a luffa and I hang to dry for longevity.