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Best deodorant

Only deodorant ive ever used that really works

Great! Very high quality

Great shampoo and conditioner. Smells amazing!

Wound Warrior Balm
Lorraine Farr
Most effective healing agent I have ever used!

I get skin tears easily or due to thinning aging skin. This product heals wounds and reduces scarring. Also it’s a balm so easy to apply and remains in place.I travel with it always. Recently our 21 mo old grandson received a cut by his eye and this balm healed it in a few days, with no scar. So it is safe and effective for all ages and types of skin. The bonus is the ecologically sound engineered packaging. Good for your skin and the environment! Highly recommend this product!


Still loving the razor, but the shave cream is seemingly impossible to clean after use. I have to take the entire razor apart and clean it with a cloth to get the shaving cream unclogged. The cream feels and smells wonderful, but I think it is maybe not meant for this type of razor.

The best laundry detergent

I love love love these detergent sheets! I use both the scented and unscented. They’re both equally gentle and delicate. It’s important for me to know that I’m using safe AND eco friendly product for my family.

Year round moisturizer

I have combination skin and this moisturizer is perfect for winter or summer keeping my skin feeling healthy! Love the consistency of the moisturizer as well - it’s not too thin or liquidy so it has great coverage.

Little sheets of heaven

I have always hated lugging around laundry detergent and once I saw these while shopping for other things, I was intrigued. I was worried that they wouldn't do the job but decided to try them anyway. These are now the only thing I will use for washing my clothes . Not only are they convenient, they're also HE compatible!

P.S: if you are someone who likes to wash clothes in a sink or bin by hand, you can still use these! They are gentle and *actually do the job*! Not to mention they take up minimal space in your laundry room.


Best Vegan floss on the Global Market. Transparency and Authenticity in labelling✔️


I’ve been looking for a more sustainable sponge and this is it!

Prep Primer
Megan Dicus
Thumbs up!

Loved it!

Wood Pot Scraper
Megan Dicus

I have been looking for a plastic free scraper option and this one was perfect!

Love it!

I love this!

Bamboo Hair Brush
Megan Dicus

Love this brush!

great product

I have used this for 6 months & thoroughly pleased with this.
not greasy, oily or smelly. pleasant aroma.
so far love it !


I always add these to my order anytime I make a purchase from PFP <3 Can't go wrong with these and they smell great!

Good size

Smaller than I thought it would be -- which is a good thing! Fits in my mug easily and looks secure. Recommend!

So hydrating!

Ooh this cream :) Feels like it's working so far and the texture of the cream is lovely.

Perfect Price for the Perfect Blades

I’m ecstatic! Finally I can buy my razor blades in bulk while avoiding Amazon! The packaging is really nice, plastic free and practical with individually wrapped (paper) blades. The shave is close, smooth, and reliable until you need to replace the blades after they get dull (which we should always avoid bacteria!) Will definitely purchase again whenever I get through 100 of them! :)

Yay For Earth Face Lotion
Melanie Mcginniss
Amazing dry skin lotion

I can't believece how sry this lotion is I put it all over my body legs and arms and it is fixing my dry skin I'm so happy I would recommend this if you have very dry skin, I like it is is glass thank u so much for recommending it

Lion Cat Toy
Gabby Hussain
Such a cute wool toy

Got this as a gift for my sister's cat and it's bigger than I expected (around 4"x4") but very sturdy and long-lasting for a cat! I love the thick wool material and the vibrant color. He loves to play with it every day :)

Good dishwasher tablets

I have used them once so far. The dishes were clean. I am glad that the dishwasher tablets are without a film.

Solid Perfume - Fae Ring
Sarah Jo Harmon
Lovely Understated Scent

I placed my first order from PFP this Christmas for stocking stuffers and purchased this perfume for myself. I loved the idea of it being solid. I haven’t worn perfume in many years because it gives me a headache but this is amazing! The scent is very subtle but lovely. I typically like understated or unscented items and this is just what I was looking for.

Very mint

First tooth tabs I’ve used rather then tooth powder. You can defiantly feel the cellulose but it’s not bad and it’s definitely got a stronger flavor than other tooth powder I’ve used

Heavy duty

Works great. I’ve used a vintage aluminum tray before and this one works exactly like that, just a good as the old school ones in the function department. The only difference is right out of the box you can feel how much more heavy and sturdy this stainless steel one is then the old aluminum one