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Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper


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This is the highest quality tongue scraper on the market today: 100% stainless steel, rounded and smoothed edges to prevent cuts, and thick durable handles.


This tongue scraper is built to last and we’re positive you’ll have a great experience with it. Metal tongue scrapers have been traditionally used all across the world for centuries – they are far more effective and hygienic than plastic ones.

  • 5.5inches tall
  • Made in India


100% stainless steel

How To

Apply firm pressure to the tongue scraper. In one slow, smooth motion, pull the scraper from back of your tongue to the front. The rough edge of the scraper will rub against the tongue surface and remove any coating or residue. Rinse the scraper after each stroke and after you're done scraping. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kristie Henry

This works so much better than brushing!

Great value

This is really high quality, sturdy and heavy. Seems like it will last a lifetime! And a great price.

Emily S
Love it

Tongue scrapers are a game changer!! I never forget to use it. This one is a little heavier and sturdier than a cheap one I bought a while back. Once my other one had seen enough use I recycled it and was so excited to get this one. It works like a charm!

Nadia Morales
Love it!

I never knew that I needed a tongue scraper in my life, it cleans my tongue so well and I feel so clean after incorporating it into my night routine :)

Simone Smith
I wish I had gotten this earlier!

I have a sensitive tongue and brushing it well can be irritating. This does the job so much better and doesn’t cause any problems!

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