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White Unpaper Towels


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Replace paper towels and napkins with something you can wash and reuse hundreds of times! 


Perfect for wiping messy hands and faces after meals, cleaning up spills, washing and drying dishes, meal time napkins, splatter shield in the microwave, lint free cleaning and dusting, and more!

  • 100% cotton
  • Single ply
  • 12"x10"
  • Set of 8


Cotton flannel

Care Instructions

Machine wash and tumble dry or air dry. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets as they can decrease absorbency. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Malena Rivera
Must have

For me this towels are a must have since they are useful for everything.

10/10 love these towels

This is the second pack of towels I have purchased from PFP! I LOVE THEM. I buy them in white so I can easily get out stains. They are much more durable than paper towels and machine washable. They are also really absorbent!

So great

Love these towels so much. Have a flannel heather feeling to them. You get quite a few for the price. Also, it justifies the price since your not ever needing to buy napkins or paper towels form the store anymore!

Perfect "paper" towel

I bought these after trying a different "unpaper towel" that I hated. They totally fell apart and made a huge mess in the wash and I couldn't even use them more than once. These are awesome! In contrast to the first ones I tried, these hold up GREAT in the washer and I Highly recommend washing them as soon as you receive them because they work much better afterwards. They get super soft and fluffy and absorbent. Great as a napkin, for cleaning, soft enough to use to wash your face, etc. So far, no complaints!

Perform as expected.

These unpaper towels are awesome! I haven't used a paper towel since I bought them. I did find that they weren't very absorbent. After the first wash, they seem to work much better. I like to use one for cleaning the counters in the kitchen and just rinse it after use and hang it over the faucet to dry. I bought two packs and definitely would have been just fine with one!

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