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Reusable Ear Cleaner


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Zero waste, ecological, wood & wire ear cleaner, designed to replace disposable cotton swabs, which are tremendously damaging to the environment.

  • Completely plastic free
  • Made of biodegradable and recyclable materials
  • Handmade in France


Locally harvested beech wood, wire

How To

Use the wire “spoon” to remove solid ear wax, and wash your tool after use. Infinitely reusable.

** When using, be careful not to go too deep (you might damage the eardrum), and don't let children use it without supervision!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great Product

I saw this product on social media and eventually came across it on here and wanted to try it out. It is a great alternative to q-tips and it is much safer to use and gets the job done. It is much smaller in person than it appears online, but again works very well and is worth it!

Amanda Felt
Highly recommend

I was sceptical about this but I'm glad I bought it. It actually works so well!!! So tiny and perfect for traveling.

Life changer

This little tool has shocked me with how well it works! It's small but mighty! As someone who stopped using q-tips but was desperately looking for an effective but safe way to remove ear wax, this was quickly the greatest find. It's tiny, so you can pack it easily, and the little metal part is short so it won't go into the dangerous parts of the ear canal.


Tiny, adorable, and so far works fine!

Dave Bohmann

This improves upon the standard q-tip, instead of mashing the ear-wax into the canal, it breaks it up and pulls it out. So portable. Well,well worth it. Will save money and make you feel better at the same time.

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