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Recyclable 9V Batteries (12 pack)


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Better Battery Co. batteries are certified carbon neutral and are delivered right to your door. When your batteries are used, send them back to Better Battery Co and they will recycle them for you, for free!

12 Long lasting 9V alkaline batteries, 5-year shelf-life. A certified carbon neutral, sustainable product with a built-in recycling process. Independently tested for performance and quality, 100% recyclable packaging and 0% to landfill policy. 

You’re welcome, friend.


  • 12 x 9V Batteries
  • Reusable Storage Box
  • Return Shipping Mailer
  • Sticker Pack

Each Recyclable Battery Multi-Pack ships directly from Better Battery Co. Available to US customers only. Excluded from discounts & sales.


To return your Better Battery Co. Batteries for recycling:

Please contact and include where you purchased your kit (Plastic Free Pursuit) and your order number and we would be happy to send your prepaid recycling label!

Once you receive your label just re-pack your batteries, print the free shipping label, and drop off the package at your nearest FedEx/Canada Post store or drop box.

You can sit back and enjoy knowing that your batteries will find new uses in the world!

At the recycling facility, components are broken down and individual components are carefully extracted for new uses. The recycled battery components will be used to make new and more sustainable items, like:

  • Zinc manganese concentrate is used as a micronutrient in fertilizer to improve crop yield.
  • Zinc oxide can be used as an effective, non-toxic sunscreen component.
  • The steel components in our alkaline batteries are used for steel-based products, such as cookware.
  • Contents like paper, plastic, and brass are used to strengthen concrete in road construction.

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