Plastic Free Lint Remover


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Sustainably remove all of that pesky hair, lint, and who knows what else! This lint remover is made of natural materials and doesn't have to be refilled.


Ideal for use on carpets to remove per hair or on durable fabrics that have pilling. Not meant for use on thin, delicate fabrics.

  • Reusable
  • Alternative to plastic lint rollers


Lotus wood, stainless steel and copper. 

End of Life

Wood handle is home and industrially compostable. Stainless steel and copper are recyclable in metal recycling.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
I love this tool!

I have a dog who sheds a lot and this tool is perfect for getting her hair off of everything. :)

Diane H.
Good for getting the fuzzies

So simple, and yet so obvious. Love having another lint/fuzzie/pet hair removing tool in my arsenal---especially one that isn't leaving used plastic-y sheets for the trash. Thanks, Plastic Free Pursuit!

Tamra Drobnick
Finally found It

I have been looking for a lint remover & finally found thd perfect one, this little gadget is easy to use & wipes off perfectly, my sweaters thank you!

Lint remover

Works great on my couch


This lint remover works so well! So far I have used it on a sweater and my living room rug. I have two bunnies that seem to constantly be shedding and it picked up all the hair that my vacuum cant quite get. My sweater was thrifted and had a bunch of fuzzies on it and it got them all off no problem. The description is correct in saying this is for tougher fabrics and the sweater I used it on is tight knit and sturdy but I was very cautious and wouldn’t use it on anything more delicate. That being said it works wonderfully and I will be using it regularly and recommending it to friends!!

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