How to Introduce Sustainable Living to Your Kids.

We get it - before you know it, the house is a mess, the kids are running around, dinner still has to be made, you’re running late from work and everything feels a lot more chaotic than you thought it would. Now - we know some days are busier than others, however, more often than not - days are a whirlwind of improvising, multitasking, and making sure everyone is happy and healthy in the midst of the beautiful, chaotic adventure.

With a whole lot on your plate - we wanted to take some of the load off your shoulders with an easy how-to guide on introducing sustainable living to your kids in a way that’s easy, efficient, kid-friendly, and most importantly, designed to make your days easier. Here are our top three tips to introduce zero-waste and sustainable living to your kiddos!


Introducing Your Kids To Eco-Friendly Living

Before you deep dive into the world of big words like zero-waste, recycling, plastic-free shopping, and composting - it’s important to talk to your little ones about the reason behind making small changes in the household. The key is to start small, start simple, and keep it fun.

What kid doesn't love a good old superhero story? Remind your little ones that they are the superheroes of the story - saving mama earth one small change at a time. Let them in on how making poor choices can hurt our planet and how they have the superpower to save our earth every day. Ultimately, your little ones will thrive when allowed to take on small responsibilities and will love the freedom to explore new and exciting ways to do simple household jobs.


Invest In Their Very Own Reusable Drinking Containers

Kids adore having something that is solely theirs. Investing in reusable water bottles and containers is a great way to save on single-use plastic, as well as save a few extra dollars from not having to purchase plastic single-use bottles every time.


Start A Small Veggie Garden

Starting a small vegetable growing patch in your garden is a marvelous way to get the kids outside, and teach them to nurture the skill of caring for their environment. Not only will they love getting their hands dirty - but it will allow them to get a greater understanding of where produce comes from and it will soon become a wonderful family activity, watching the veggies grow from seeds to plants.


Introduce Recycling

Cleaning up - fun? Yes! Peak their excitement by allowing them to help recycle. Not only is this a great way to encourage them to pitch in with daily chores, but it’s an easy and effortless way to help educate them on different types of waste. We recommend putting large signs on the different bins to remind them which material goes in which bin.

Do you have any other neat tips, tricks, and stories about how your little one is learning about sustainable living? We’d love to hear all about it! Connect with us on social media and tell us all about your struggles, victories, and in-between moments of living plastic-free with your fam!

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