What could be done to reduce the amount of plastic we use?

Single-use plastics have been causing a tremendous negative impact on the environment. Plastic sticks around the environment for ages threatening biodiversity, spreading toxins, and affecting human health. The throwaway culture allows plastic pollution to develop and cause harm to the existence of life. The environmental damage is long-lasting as it might take years for plastic to break down, affecting the entire food chain. The initiative to cut down the usage of products made with single-use plastics has been on the boom. There is more emphasis on plastic-free products, also known as the best zero waste products.

Steps to reduce the amount of plastic we use

There has been a systematic change brought in valuing redesign and reuse. Alternative for everyday single-use plastics is inducing the real transition to reduce the negative impacts we have on the earth. Zero waste products are the demarcation offering ways to transform towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. With the initiative all set to deliver for the benefit of the environment, Plastic Free Pursuit, your one-stop shop for all things comprising Zero Waste, has been on a flourish to spread awareness against plastic pollution. The products delivered here are zero toxins, not harmful or wasteful in any manner leading to the betterment of mama earth. Let us explore each of their categories, understanding how switching to the concept of recycling and reuse will help reduce waste and transform society, making it more sustainable for future generations.

1) Sustainable kitchen products 

1)Sustainable kitchen products

An eco-friendly kitchen might start with eating green but never ends there! Energy-efficient food preparation and cleaning habits using equipment made with sustainable materials are great alternatives to single-use items to reduce any negative impact we have on the earth. A plastic-free kitchen is good for you, good for home, and good for the environment. Dodging chemicals and toxins, you are a step closer to a healthy and toxin-free indoor setting. Listed below are a few eco-friendly kitchen products contributing to environmental justice.

1) Cotton coffee filter

2) Solid dish soap

3) Reusable cotton tea bags

4) Wood pot brush

5) Bamboo scoop

2) Eco-friendly bathroom products

Eco-friendly bathroom products

Modern-day bathrooms litter the environment with all sorts of toxins and pollutants. But, the good news is, it is quite easy to transform into a zero-waste bathroom instead! Responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of the products are the main methods to maintain our eco-friendly bathroom needs. A curated collection of sustainable bathroom products lets you grow with a more conscious sauna offering a fun way to live a plastic-free life. These products include:

1) Wooden soap lift 

2) Plant paper bamboo toilet paper

3) Cherry wood soap lift

4) Zero waste soap lift

3) Environment-friendly skincare

A step towards sustainable skincare is much more than just choosing products that sustain our skin and beauty needs. It is about environmental friendliness. Good for you, good for home, and good for the earth. A carefully curated collection of sustainable beauty and skincare products eliminates the use of harmful chemicals and toxins released via single-use products that harm the water bodies, soil, and eventually our health. These products include:

1) Detoxifying Plus Cleansing Vegan Face Bar

2) Shampoo And Conditioner Bars

3) Plastic-Free Lotion

4) UpCircle Vegan Face Moisturizer 

5) Elevated Natural Sunscreen

4) Zero-waste beauty products 

Zero-waste beauty products

Zero-waste natural cosmetics are made in an environmentally friendly way. A great alternative to single-use items, sustainable beauty products are carefully curated to live a more conscious lifestyle. Minimizing single-use beauty cosmetics is how you adopt a zero-waste beauty routine. Everything from sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and selling makes the beauty industry sustainable. Some of the zero-waste products under this category are as follows:

1) Plant-Based Powder Foundation

2) Plastic Free Lip Balm

3) Warm Neutrals Facial Rounds

4) Grey Facial Rounds

5) Organic Bamboo Facial Rounds 

Sustainability needs a collective approach

The best way to reduce the amount of single-use plastic products is to introduce a collective approach from the different industries contributing to the daily life consumption needs. Alternative products for single-use items reduce any adverse impacts on the environment and are good for you, good for home, and great for the earth. Plastic Free Pursuit takes the initiative to offer a carefully curated collection of sustainable products segmented in every industry chosen to better the social, economic, and environmental causes. The motto is to make sure that the journey to a plastic-free environment is a fun one and we are there supporting you with every step you take!

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