What are your tips to get plastic out of your kitchen?

We are living in a plastic era! Our nature is engulfed in plastic waste and seeing the current situation of plastic use, we are not far away from ending up in a plastic disaster. Plastics are everywhere and are used immensely in our daily life. Even though plastics may have made our lives easier and more convenient, we need to rethink the consequences of the amount of plastics that we use. Every single-use plastic comes with a cost that can result in a catastrophic situation.

The kitchen is one such part of our house that majorly contributes to plastic pollution. Our dependency on plastic products on a daily basis is very high and going zero-waste and plastic-free might seem an unrealistic thing. However, we can take little baby steps to make our way towards a plastic-free kitchen. Every single step by every single being counts towards making our life a little less of plastics.

How To Start Being A Friend Of Earth: A Nature-Friendly Transition

Better late than never!! It's high time we become more aware and cautious about the products we use in our kitchen. It is a good thing that you gave it a thought to take initiative in eliminating plastics from your kitchen and are looking for ways to reduce plastic use. Here we are with some of the tips that will help you at the beginning of your transition towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Start Eliminating Single-Use Plastic In Your Kitchen

Look for all the plastic products present in your kitchen. Thereupon, think about what are the products that are single-use and are not essential. Get those products out of your kitchen right away. Besides, there must be several things that can be swapped with eco-friendly products. Some of those things with their alternatives are:

  • Swap Up Plastic Wraps With Sustainable Wax Wraps
    Swap Up Plastic Wraps With Sustainable Wax Wraps
  • Preserving food in a single-use plastic wrap is not only harmful to nature, but also to our health as well. Beeswax wraps are organic, recyclable, and reusable and are great alternatives to plastic wrap used to wrap or pack foods. Wax wraps can be used to pack lunches, wrap leftover food or pack food for travels. They keep the food fresh and the best part is they can be washed and can be reused again. Just consider washing them with biodegradable cleaning soap under cold running water to prevent them from melting.

  • Plastic-Free Tools & Other Kitchen Accessories
  • Plastic-Free Tools & Other Kitchen Accessories

    Knives or a peeler with plastic handles, plastic tea infusers, the ice tray kept in the refrigerator, scoop made of plastic, or a plastic cling wrap; there are countless things that accumulate to plastic waste. All of them are replaceable and can be replaced with products made of wood, steel, or any other sustainable material. Replace them all with plastic-free products, for example, vegetable peeler, cheese grater, tea infuser, and an ice tray made of steel, bamboo scoops, compostable cling wrap, etc.

  • Cotton Coffee Filters And Reusable Tea Bags
    Cotton Coffee Filters And Reusable Tea Bags
  • Nothing is better than starting your morning with a cup of coffee or tea made with organic cotton coffee filters and tea bags or a tea infused with stainless steel infuser. Once you start using cotton filters, you are going to love this switch for sure. Moreover, they are easy to use, dry quickly, and are eco-friendly.

  • Zero-Waste Dish Washing
  • It is quite possible that the dishwashing brush or a bottle cleaning brush in your kitchen is made of plastic material. Swap those plastic dishwashing tools with eco-friendly dishwashing brushes. Additionally, you can also use an organic dish soap bar, cotton sponge, and dish towels. 

  • Reusable/Recyclable Food Containers & Storage Boxes 
  • Storing food in a steel container box or packing your sandwich in a zip-top sandwich reusable bag, there are several eco-friendly options available for storing food whether it’s for school, at work, or for traveling. 

    More than 1000s of plastic bags end up in landfills every year. Let’s lessen the plastics by switching to zip-top reusable food storage containers or a zip-top sandwich bag made of 100% platinum silicone that can replace 5000+ disposal bags. In addition, they are freezer, microwave plus dishwasher safe.


    We are so reliant on single-use products that we did not even notice how much plastic we use every day. From brushing our teeth with a plastic toothbrush in the morning to drinking water from plastic bottles, the plastic storage boxes, or the electronic gadgets that we use every day; we are surrounded by plastics. Start small, do your bit, and join Plastic Free Pursuit to make the world a better place with waste-free products.

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