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Reduce plastic use in your kitchen with a healthier, more sustainable way to store food. Our variety pack of beeswax wraps features small, medium, and large eco-friendly wraps that are essential for packing school lunches, storing food, and wrapping leftovers. The best part? Zero plastic waste. Bee's Wrap is a certified B Corp.

1 Small (7" x 8")
1 Medium (10" x 11")
1 Large (13" x 14")


Organic cotton, organic coconut oil, tree resin, soy wax, candelilla wax.

Packaging made from 100% recycled paper.

How To

Use the warmth of your hands to wrap fruit, bread, cookies, cheese, or to cover bowls and casserole dishes. Bee's Wrap will hold its shape when it cools, creating a seal. 

To clean, wash in cool water with a mild dish soap. Drape your wraps over your drying rack to air dry. Avoid all sources of heat, including warm water, microwaves, ovens, hot cars, and covering bowls of not-quite-cooled leftovers.

Bee's Wrap lasts for up to a year with proper care and regular usage. You'll know your wrap has reached the end of its useful life in the kitchen when it has worn thin and soft and has trouble sticking to itself. At this time, you can cut your wrap into strips and add to your compost pile, or use as a natural and effective fire starter.

Customer Reviews

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Love these!

Super cute designs and are a really good alternative to plastic wraps, tinfoil or plastic containers. Keeps products nice and fresh.

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