Smartliners Reusable Daily Liner


Smartliners organic washable daily liners are perfectly designed for everyday protection, giving you a comfortable, clean and fresh feeling.

6 1/2”x 2 1/2” liner
For light secretions, menstrual cup backup and can also be used throughout the month
- Certified eco-friendly 100% organic cotton
- Undyed
-  Free of any harmful chemicals and plastics
- Extremely comfortable
- Odor free
- Easy to maintain and long lasting
- Smartsorb™ ultra absorbent technology
- EasyWing™ hook and loop closure system
- Absorption Level: perfect for secretion/discharge
- 4 daily liners in a canister. Includes travel/wash pouch


100% organic cotton, velcro

How To

Simply place over the top of the inside of your underwear, fasten the velcro dots on the panty gusset and you’re good to go! 

Care Instructions

We recommend you attach the velcro dots, and then simply wash and dry.

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