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Our reusable bag by BAGGU is not just for the grocery store, it goes everywhere and hauls (practically) anything. Carry in your hand or over your shoulder. Holds 2-3 plastic grocery bags worth of stuff. Folds into a flat 5 in. x 5 in. pouch.

  • Durable
  • Made of 40% recycled nylon
  • Holds 50lbs



Nylon (40% recycled)

BAGGU's recycling partner, American Textile Recycling Service (ATRS), is committed to keeping textiles out of landfills by making textile recycling easier. Any nylon or canvas bag they collect will be either recycled and repurposed, donated to in-need organizations, or shared within the second-hand clothing market.

At the end of their life, you can send your used BAGGU bags to:

9860 Gidley St
El Monte, CA 91731

Care Instructions

Machine or hand wash cold, line dry

About the Brand

All of BAGGU's ripstop nylon styles made with 40% recycled material. They use a recycled nylon filament yarn produced from pre-consumer waste, which means they're saving scrap material from being landfilled, and in turn helping conserve petroleum resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Affordability is the reason BAGGU's recycled ripstop nylon is 40% recycled rather than 100%. They've custom-developed their recycled nylon fabrics, and unfortunately the cost goes up as the recycled percentage increases. Ultimately, their goal is to develop 100% recycled nylon fabric, but for now these percentages are the maximum they can incorporate without compromising affordability. As technology progresses and demand for recycled nylon increases, this percentage will grow. 

Baggu's products are ethically manufactured in China, where they have long standing relationships with their ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 140001 certified  manufacturers. For the product line and the materials they work with, China offers the most advanced manufacturing technology and ethical work practices. Manufacturing facilities are audited yearly by an independent third party to ensure they are upholding standards of occupational health and safety, and humane work hours and wages are enforced.

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