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Reclaimed Wood Soap Lift


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A beautifully unique soap lift made from reclaimed scrap pieces of wood.

Using a soap lift helps extend the life of natural soap bars by keeping them out of standing water.

*Because of the variation of colors and nature of natural wood, the color of actual product may not be exactly as shown in pictures. 

New lifts now have 3 slats rather than the 4 pictured.

3" x 4.125" x .5"


Reclaimed Wood


Rinse as needed with water to get rid of any soap residue that’s built up on your lifts.

*While not common, it is possible for some darker and red color woods to bleed color when saturated with water.  Because we don't use any paints or stains, any sort of coloration is from the tannins found in wood's natural oils.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

These are so pretty and do exactly what they are supposed to do. I will say that your soap especially like bar shampoo can get stuck to it so I try to angle my soap so that it isn't sitting flat on it.

No more water logged soap (and it looks so so cute)

Love it! I’ve got it near my kitchen sink and have actually received compliments on it (what a strange thing to receive a compliment for but no complaints here)

Belen Almaraz
Great Price

I was happy to buy a soap dish from reclaimed wood but I was a little sad that when it arrived the colors were very muted but that's ok because it's sustainable. Overall still love this soap dish, and the price.

Emily Gerdes
favorite one yet

This is my favorite soap dish I have bought thus far. The edges are smooth and the colors of wood are pretty. Very similar to the picture! i love it!

Emma S
Cute and Inexpensive

This soap lifter is so cute and ready for any eco friendly space. I used it to reach free shipping and I am really grateful I did! It's so cute on my kitchen counter and is really original as opposed to many plastic or plain wood ones.

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