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Organic Cotton Towel - Terra Cotta


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Ease into your day with sustainably sourced bath & hand towels. 

These incredibly soft and absorbent waffle towels are made with care and are free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Your skin will thank you later.

Made from 100% organic cotton that is sourced with care, and ethically manufactured as part of the Better Cotton Initiative to ensure fair wages, transparency, and traceability. 

  • 100% Organic Turkish Cotton
  • NO toxic bleaches, dyes, or other chemicals.
  • Created in a factory powered entirely by renewable solar energy and using recycled water.
  • Post consumer recycled packaging.
  • Hand Towel Dimensions: 15” x 30"
  • Bath Towel Dimensions: 30” x 60”
  • Made in Turkey

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Organic Turkish Cotton

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold with like colors, do not bleach, tumble dry low, iron on low heat.


Happy Place Brand is dedicated to creating sustainable, premium home goods. 

"Being fully sustainable starts at the beginning. As part of the Better Cotton Initiative, we ensure that best growing practices and fair wages are in place to support the farmers that are cultivating the raw materials. Our factory is powered by the sun, using renewable energy we run entirely from solar panels installed on the roof. 

It is estimated that the fashion industry uses nearly 80 Billion cubic meters of water per year. That works out to about 2% of the available fresh water on the planet. That number is expected to double by 2030. In an effort to reduce our consumption of fresh water, we use a water effluent treatment plant to continuously reuse its treated water back into the manufacturing process. 

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