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We are the first shop in the USA to carry Earth Love’s amazing range of cleaning tablets! Reduce your carbon footprint with solid laundry tabs by replacing big bulky plastic jugs of detergent for tabs that are completely plastic free!

  • Per carbonate will naturally whiten, brighten, and remove stains
  • HE compatible


Citric Acid, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Borate and Sodium Percarbonate

How To

Place 1 tablet (2 for extra dirty loads) into the drum underneath clothes.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chanel Jones
Happy to be kind to Mother Earth

So happy to be kind to Mother Earth. I don’t have to feel guilty about buying those ginormous plastic laundry detergent containers and then disposing of them to who knows where! Thank you for such a great eco friendly non toxic laundry detergent!!!

Laundry Tabs are Amazing

For years my load of laundry with black lycra (exercise clothes) came out with streaks of white where detergent was left behind. I've tried many products, change the settings on my machine as well as had a technician out and finally, I had a sparkling clean load. In addition I love the convenience of these tabs. I will be buying these for years to come.

Tanya Baity

These worked ok on clothes that weren’t super dirty to begin with. They definitely did not get the ammonia out of my kids’ cloth diapers or the pit stink out of my husband’s work shirts. There are lots of other eco friendly laundry detergent options out there now so I won’t be buying these again.

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