Handmade Paper Notebook


Each notebook is hand-stitched and filled with sustainably produced, eco-friendly handmade paper. 

Enjoy a luxurious writing experience on the white handmade cotton rag paper leaves. These hand-stitched handmade paper notebooks are great for sketching, journaling, grocery lists, to-do lists, A perfect size to slip into your back pocket, shirt pocket, handbag, or nightstand. 

  • Size is approx. 3.5" x 5.25"
  • Rounded Corners
  • 3 hole pamphlet stitching
  • 40 Blank Pages (20 Sheets Front and Back)
  • Cover is 120 gsm 81lb tan / off-white recycled plant fiber cardstock handmade paper 
  • Pages are 100 gsm 67lb blank white handmade cotton rag writing paper
  • Handmade paper - hand-stitched

Parawana Paper works with local artisans in Lahore, Pakistan, who are involved in the art of paper-making, bookbinding and block printing, and provides them with financial, technical and design support to develop contemporary artifacts. 

These products are hand crafted, using cotton and silk textile remnants and plant fibers. Ours is not mass produced watercolour stock, which is manufactured on hand operated high-speed machines. Instead each piece of paper is individually made by hand.

Customer Reviews

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April Holman

The tactile experience of these little notebooks makes writing and sketching so much more enjoyable! The pages are sturdy yet soft and the natural paper enhances my pencil strokes. Slowly upgrading the little pleasures in life with these gems! I bought a few of these and love using them while foraging to record observations and make field sketches. I've used pencil, pen, graphite and pastels so far with great success.

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