Wild Clementine

Coral Dog Leash

$35 $40

Handmade, 100% cotton dog leash. This leash is hand dyed with a coral color.

Each leash is hand dyed and spliced and is therefore unique. Color saturation and length may vary from leash to leash. 3/8" Thick and 4' long.

  • 100% cotton 3-strand rope
  • 3/8" thick (good for medium to large dogs)
  • 4’ long to keep your pup close enough but with room to roam.
  • swivel hook snap
  • hand spliced
  • whip finish
  • handmade in beautiful eastern Washington by Wild Clementine Co.

* Always supervise your dog while he is on a leash. Regularly inspect your leashes for signs of wear and retire leashes as needed for the safety of your pup.  We are not responsible for the misuse of this product.

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