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Cleaning Essentials Fresh Bottle


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This durable, refillable 4 oz Green glass fine mist bottle makes it easy to replace harmful air fresheners with all-natural, non-toxic homemade spray you make yourself. Simply choose a recipe, add ingredients to the fill lines on the bottle, shake, and you are ready to clean! Every time you mix up a batch of cleaner, you not only eliminate the waste of a plastic bottle – you also avoid the shipping and production costs associated with that bottle and reduce your family’s exposure to toxic chemicals!

- Replace harmful air freshener sprays with DIY recipes

- Air recipe: freshen the air with essential oils

- Gear recipe: great for gloves, boots, helmets

- Refillable, BPA-Free & Lead-Free Glass

- Green glass protects EOs from UV damage

- Fine mist sprayer

-Save money, reduce waste, and replace harmful chemicals!


glass, reusable plastic pump

How To

Simply follow the desired recipe by filling ingredients to the line, shake + spray!

Customer Reviews

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Handly Little Bottle

Honestly I was surprised to receive the bottle with a plastic sprayer and not the metal one like the photo and description but it's fine. I have no plans to dispose of it so it's not gonna end up in a landfill. The mist does work great. The bottle is nice sturdy glass. I just love when I don't have to measure or memorize formulas. I use it all over the house. It's great. I'm using the air formula currently with a citrus essential oil. It doesn't last long which I like but I feel like the room is more neutralized.

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