Terra Ties

Biodegradable Hair Ties


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Terra Ties are the leading biodegradable pony tail holder and bun holder.


These were designed to prevent hair from snagging, creasing, or slipping. No more need to feel guilty for the ever elusive hair ties that get left on the ground. Our hair ties were created using ethically sourced materials so you don't need to feel bad for losing them.

Most hair ties are made of synthetic rubber and polyester, which either don’t decompose at all or take thousands of years to do so. Terra Ties are made of natural rubber extracted from rubber trees and organic cotton. Terra Ties are colored with natural dyes and our packaging is made of 100% recycled materials. 

  • Organic
  • Biodegradable
  • 100% Plastic free
  • Thicker, softer, and more sturdy than regular hair ties.
  • Includes 27 hair ties.


Natural rubber, organic cotton, natural dyes

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Malena Rivera

They are super strong and feel like a super quality hair tie. They are so strong that they have survived my cat playing with them and chewing on them. Highly recommend them

Super strong!

These hair ties are thicker and more durable than the typical hair tie. I use mine constantly and they have barely stretched, and none have broken! Especially great for thick hair.


I wish I had found these hair ties a long time ago!! They hold my hair perfectly and fit loosely on the wrist. I don't feel the need to fidget and re-do my hair every 5 minutes with these. I've only been using for a week, but these are beyond worth the money.


I really like these hair ties. They’re just like conventional ones and hold my hair up, but these you can compost!

Love these!

Let’s be honest, sometimes eco friendly products don’t match the quality of the products were leaving behind. But these work better than any hair tie I’ve ever used and this pack will last me at least 2 years, I think. I would love these in a small size too!

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