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Plant Paper Bamboo Toilet Paper


27,000 trees per day get flushed down the world’s toilets. This results in an irreversible loss of animal habitat, destruction of the world’s most important carbon sinks, and soil erosion.  Plant Paper is derived exclusively from fast-growing, renewable sources of plant pulp. PlantPaper is Tree-Free, Toxin-Free Toilet Paper Made from soft, fast-growing, FSC-certified bamboo. Never from trees. Stronger, more absorbent, and made entirely without the use of bleaching agents and other harmful chemicals.

Toilet paper is supposed to leave you feeling clean, but is yours really getting the job done? Even the softest, strongest tree paper pills, shreds and tears, leaving unwanted artifact behind. Plant Paper’s silky, strong fibers, along with its unique dimpled pattern, means it performs better and leaves nothing behind.

- No trees
- No bleach
- Three ply
- 200 sheets per roll
- Septic safe
- Plastic free

  *8 packs not applicable for free shipping


organic bamboo

Each roll is individually wrapped in paper.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Loved this toilet paper! the only thing is that it doesn't last as long as other toilet paper, but other than that, I loved it!

Kathy Howe
Try it!

Super happy with everything about this product & my experience with Plastic Free Pursuit. Will buy again!

Paige Robberstad
A little goes a long way!

Everyone I told that I was getting this, told me it was going to be scratchy, that it wouldn't last, but little did they know! You really need to try it to believe it! I didn't know TP could be so soft and so strong at the same time! I made a YouTube video on my reaction to opening this (and other products) and I was shocked at how tough the paper was! It's also three ply I believe, and you don't need much, so the product lasts a lot longer! I was sad when my one roll was gone! I just wanted to get ALL THE ROLES!

Everyone should make the switch.

I absolutely love this toilet paper. It’s nice and soft and a I feel that this lasts longer than other rolls of toilet paper. This is the only toilet paper I have bought since trying it.

Karli Sparks
Give bamboo a try

I love that I can get my toilet paper here and it is safe for the environment.

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