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Heres an easy low waste bathroom swap: ditch the shaving cream in a can and switch to a solid shaving soap bar!

The Shave Bar has a great lather & provides a clean shave (even with a one bladed razor). Its made with shea butter, apricot kernel seed oil and bentonite clay, which allows your razor blade to glide through effortlessly for a close shave!

You don't shave? Thats cool too! Because of its great lather + moisturizing properties you can use this soap as a body wash.

To enjoy a long-lasting bar of soap make sure to let your soap dry out between uses. Don’t let it sit in water and try to keep it away from shower spray.

- plastic free
- palm oil free
- vegan & cruelty free
- approx 4oz.


Olive oil, Coconut oil, Rice Bran oil, Apricot Kernel seed oil, Avocado Oil Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, Bentonite Clay

About the Brand

My Wild Muse soaps are plant based, low waste and made with earthy ingredients. All soaps are packaged in a compostable kraft paper bag, made without palm oil and are cruelty free. 

"All soap ingredients are of high standards, pure, and as natural as can be. I want to help you treat, love and care for for your skin holistically by using natural and organic products that will help heal your skin heal when it's feeling unbalanced. I scent and color my soaps naturally with herbs, flowers, spices, high quality fragrance oils and Grade A essential oils. That's it! So simple."

My Wild Muse is proudly cruelty free. We test these products on ourselves first, not animals.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I wasn’t sure switching to a shaving bar would do the trick but it works so well I haven’t once thought about going back! Smells nice and leaves skin feeling so moisturized after shaving

Lauren Miller

Creamy with a mild scent, it is great for shaving and my legs felt less dry than with the previous bar soap I was using. Will definitely purchase again!


This bar lathers and moisturizes like you wouldn't believe! I get such a good shave and don't have razor burn like I normally get. 10/10 would recommend. Because of this shave bar, I will be ordering more My Wild Muse bars in the future.

Kristen LaPorte
Not sold on this one quite yet

I’m still looking for the perfect save cream solution, not sure this is going to replace it, but maybe if I get one of those little brush things that will help?

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