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Plant Dyed Produce Bag


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These reusable mesh produce bags are just the thing to replace plastic store bags with! Dyed by hand with plants, these pouches are perfect for buying loose veggies or fruit, and they add a cheerful pop of color to your tote stash.

The cotton mesh bags stretch to 12"x15". Fit to carry 5 lbs of your favorite, fresh produce, fruit, or veggies.


cotton, indigo, goldenrod, or madder for color

Made in the USA.

Care Instructions

machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Customer Reviews

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Gracie H.
All Smiles

I ordered the blue and yellow colors, and they’re so cute and great quality, just as i imagined. Odd side note, these products and all of my others from this company have a lovely “herbal” scent to them lol! Can’t explain it but it’s a nice aroma.

Ever-expanding and easy to clean!

I purchased 2 yellow and 2 blue produce bags and recently used them at my local u-pick farm. These bags never seemed to get full because of the way they are woven, they continued to expand fitting nearly 25lbs combined with green beans. Washing them afterwards was very easy. I was afraid the natural dye would come off in the wash but they did not (I washed it cold, air dry). The best part is that these bags have the tare weight sewn on to a tag (tare weight is how much the bag weighs so that grocery stores can deduct it easily to find the price of your produce).

Great produce bag!

I love these bags - I bought one of each color. They are easily washed. They fit a good amount of produce. And I love the tag with the TARE weight on it.

Simply Wonderful!

I love how cute this product bag is. I also love that there is a little tag with the TARE weight on it - super helpful. Cute & Practical!

The best product bags!

Let me start off by informing you that this bag is universal! Not only do I use for produce, I also use it as a travel bag for snacks, toiletries, etc. I love how eco-friendly it is! I have been looking for the perfect product bag (one that was made from 100% cotton, naturally died, and didn't contain plastic on the closure) and I have finally found it! I purchased yellow and pink. They're so beautiful and practical! The blue is on my wish list. If you're having doubts about whether or not you'll like this bag, the answer is yes!

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