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Solid Dish Soap
Andrea Archambault
Love it!

So easy to use. We have used smaller dish bars and this one definitely beats the rest. The size alone makes it so easy to use. I’ll never switch back to bottles now that I have this.

Great dish soap bar!

After trying lots of different dishsoap bars, this one is everything we want it to be! And actually cuts grease the way you need it to!!

Pretty good!

These are definitely different than tube toothpaste but I think I like them. It’s kinda like the texture of the stuff they use to polish your teeth at the dentist. My teeth feel very clean after using and I appreciate the fluoride.

Nice subtle color

I like that I can use this all over my face for some subtle color and it feels like it’s moisturizing my skin at the same time.

Works well

This works well, smells nice, and love that there’s zero waste in packaging!


These work great for keeping my baby clean and rash free.

Love these!

I have been looking for a refillable FOAMING hand soap dispenser that works well for years. We had some glass ones that were ok but my kids kept breaking them. These are great! We fill them with a mixture of liquid hand soap and water rather than the Petal brand pods and it works great!

Hair Type:: Wavy, Thin/Silky
Took some getting used to but worked well.

It was my first time using this brand of shampoo bars, and it took a little longer for me to get it to sud up on my hair, but I think that might've been becasue the bar was so little. I've only tried the blue bar, but it worked great!


Me and my fiance are going on are honeymoon and we are going to use these to have are breakfast in every day r oatmeal. These easy to clean easy to store and take on trips it collespable. Plus it's silicon. Go get ur today

Hair Type:: Straight
Hair Concern:: Oily, Damaged

I love these products the conditioner has a little learning curve but it leaves my hard so soft and I love it

Hair Type:: Straight, Thin/Silky
Hair Concern:: Oily

I love this shampoo! The smell is great and it soaps up so well!!

Hair Type:: Curly, Wavy
Hair Concern:: Dryness, Frizzy
Fav conditioner bar

I’ve been using the golden S&C for a couple years, and they’ve been my very favorite! The light scent and use for wavy/curly hair has been just perfect. The conditioner leaves my hair soft and tangle-free while not weighing anything down. I’ve never minded the little extra time in the shower to apply a conditioner bar. The key is to let it sit on your hair for a few minutes and let it do it’s “magic”! I’m usually running out of conditioner way before the shampoo bar, so I like to buy some extra conditioners.

Hair Type:: Curly, Wavy, Thin/Silky
Hair Concern:: Dryness, Frizzy
A great bundle

I’ve been using the golden S&C for a couple years and they’ve been my favorite! The conditioner makes my hair soft and tangle-free. I haven’t tried the Isla yet, but with my almost curly hair and living in the humid South now, I’m really hoping it works even better for curls and frizz. What a great bundle to save a few $$!

Love it

Tongue scrapers are a game changer!! I never forget to use it. This one is a little heavier and sturdier than a cheap one I bought a while back. Once my other one had seen enough use I recycled it and was so excited to get this one. It works like a charm!

I don’t have much to compare it with, but it’s gentle enough while getting the job done. Looks great in the bathroom, too!


Works beautifully! I love being able to just buy the replacement head each time.

Good stuff!

Works well and I highly and doesn't have an overpowering smell.

Easy to use & clean

I bought a different dish soap a while ago but it didn't hold up well and was sort of molding. This one is amazing, and easy to clean when the soap gets all over it. I like how you can flip the bamboo grid. Recommend!

So good

Cleans so well and dishes look crystal clear afterwards. My favorite dish soap. I'm never going back to the old stuff.

Works well!

This salve works very well although I still need to wrap my dog's paws since he loves to lick them especially when the salves smell good (like this one)!


This is the best tool I have for washing dishes. Definitely recommend!

Great tins!

I've been looking for tins like this, and the shampoo/conditioner bars from PFP definitely fit in the large and small tins. Highly recommend for traveling!

Magic Dust Dry Shampoo
Good for light colored clothes!

One of my favorite dry shampoos when I wear lighter clothes. An old I have a dark shampoo for when I wear dark clothes, but it can stain tops that touch my neck. This one works great on my dark locks.


So soft and these don't pull my hair! I really like them, but one of the hair ties that I've used stretched out and was some weird waves in it from being used and twisted. It's still functional though and the colors are all great!

Hair Type:: Wavy
Hair Concern:: Dryness, Oily, Damaged
Smells great

Love this set! They smell great and I feel like I'm getting a really good cleaning from the peppermint in this.