Vegan Biodegradable Dental Floss


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Flosspot Gold is a vegan plant-based floss, made from corn fiber and coated with candelilla wax. Plastic under the gum line (especially when coated in teflon) either with floss or a toothbrush bristle, simply no longer makes sense, especially now that healthier alternatives are available.

  • Flavored with ginger and mint
  • Packaged in a durable, refillable stainless steel jar
  • Fully compostable (packaging and floss)
  • Certified bio-based by USDA
  • Each spool has 50m of floss. Refill comes with 2 spools.
  • If the spaces between your teeth are extra tight, we recommend our Silk Floss.


Corn Fiber, Candelilla Wax, Ginger and Mint.

The Brand

Wherever possible we strive to meet standards for sustainability and eco-friendliness for both product and packaging. Flosspot™ is packaged in a compostable cardboard box with only non-toxic inks and glue. Window and safety seals required by Health Canada are plant-based PHA and PLA cello. Flosspot™ Gold is accredited as a 98% USDA Certified BIO-based Product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kathryn Hogan

Best Vegan floss on the Global Market. Transparency and Authenticity in labelling✔️

Kathryn Hogan
Refill for life!

50 metre spool means less purchasing, shipping, less carbon footprint and more value for money. Floss is strong, good grip. I will NEVER use teflon floss again.

Jim Neal
The worst floss ever

I bought this floss thinking that this would be a plastic free answer for flossing for the rest of my life. I didn’t even get one use out of the entire tube. It broke twicw while I was attempting to get enough floss for one use. After the second break, I was unable to locate the end. I gave up trying to even get enough floss to do my teeth once. I would floss a tooth or two and it would break. This product is totally worthless. Don’t buy it.

Peter Cook
I'm disappointed

I recently purchased flosspot gold on line. I'm very disappointed with the product. Each and every time I've used it, it cut through and broke. It's way too thin for me. I'd like to support you but this product is not for me.

Peter Cook

Jackie Tileston
breaks between teeth

I really love this idea of ridding ourselves of all those little plastic containers, of biodegradable floss, etc. BUT I have tight contacts between my teeth and the floss gets stuck in there, shredding and breaking several times each session. Then I have to go get the old mainstream floss to remove THIS floss from between my teeth, so this is a no. Maybe wax it, or make it stronger?

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