Recycled Newspaper Pencils


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Check out our recycled newspaper pencils packaged in an eco-friendly recycled handmade paper sleeve with specs of fabric fiber thread.

Each pencil in this set is made from newspapers tightly rolled around high quality number 2 graphite or colored core. Once sharpened, the pencil reveals a beautiful marble-like pattern. It can be sharpened with a standard pencil sharpener.

  • Sustainable
  • Handmade
  • Recycled
  • Virgin Wood Free

Parawana Paper works with local artisans in Lahore, Pakistan, who are involved in the art of paper-making, bookbinding and block printing, and provides them with financial, technical and design support to develop contemporary artifacts. 

These products are hand crafted, using cotton and silk textile remnants and plant fibers. Ours is not mass produced watercolour stock, which is manufactured on hand operated high-speed machines. Instead each piece of paper is individually made by hand.

Regular: number 2 graphite

Colored:Red, Light Green, Dark Green, Brown, Black, Yellow, Dark Blue, Purple, Orange, Pink.


recycled newspaper, handmade paper envelope 

Customer Reviews

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Silvana Oderisi
Very durable

These colored pencils are very durable and I love that no trees were harmed in the making of them! Very clever idea

Baylee Swan
Free Writing

I love these pencils! They are so cool and neat. And once you are done, just toss so they can be recycle and so can the package:)♥️ They also make a great gift for others who love to write:)

Baylee Swan
Raw Original Writing

This is what I call "Old School Writing". These are not only unique in the fact that they are recycled, but it is so nice to actually use pencils! I am a journalist, so I do use my laptop a good portion of the time. However, on my free time when I write other things: poetry, book ideas, notes, grocery list, etc, I LOVE having a pencil! Plus, they are just so cute! Love them!

So cool

Love the newspaper pencils and they sharpen really well

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