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Ever tried natural deodorant and it just didn't work? This may help. An armpit detox may be necessary for those switching to a natural deodorant who have been using conventional deodorant for years. 


This Armpit Detox comes in powder form and is most effective when mixed with apple cider vinegar, but water works too. One jar should last the average person one week. On average, a person needs 1-3 weeks of detoxing, but can take months depending on normal sweating patterns, years of toxic deodorant use, and even diet. By detoxing, we mean the time it will take for your armpits to finally adjust to natural deodorant, as they are going through a toxin withdrawal process. 

  • 1oz
  • Vegan
  • Locally Made
  • Women Owned


Bentonite Clay, Organic Activated Charcoal.

How To

Simply sprinkle some powder into a dish/bowl and add a minimal amount of apple cider vinegar or water to create a paste. DO NOT USE METAL. Metal will deactivate the bentonite clay, making the mask less effective.

Once made, apply an even layer to each armpit and let sit for 5-10 minutes, arms raised. Remove immediately if irritation occurs. Start out with less time and gradually build the duration as you continue to detox your armpits. Apply once every other day or bi-weekly, (best to do after your shower when your pores are expanded) and apply natural deodorant afterwards. Do not use conventional deodorant during this process, the detoxing will be ineffective. 

Your body will also need time to adjust to natural ingredients, so don't worry if you end up smelling worse before you smell better! That's totally normal and is a sign that your body is going through withdrawal from toxic chemicals in your previous deodorant.

Customer Reviews

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Mijani Santuyo
Armpit detox

I've tried this product before and it did deliver! It is a treat to those who wanted to shift from conventional to natural deo. Not to mention, their natural deo is so easy to apply, smells amazing and good for the skin.

Alison Baxter
Game changer

I use this whenever I notice my natural deodorant isn’t quite cutting it, and it takes away allllll my stink away, even to the point where I don’t feel like I even need to apply deodorant after (I still do to help moisturize my pits). Highly recommend.

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