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The Go Pure Pod is a portable, re-usable, recyclable filter the size of a wine cork, designed to purify and enhance ordinary tap water. Each Pod can purify, protect and preserve up to 264 gallons of water and lasts up to 6 months.

You’re going to think the world of this powerful little Pod. Because while it keeps impurities, toxins, and contaminants out of your water and out of your body, it also protects oceans and landfills from plastic pollution.

This will save the planet from 2,000 single-use plastic water bottles while saving you money, too.

This pod filters lead, E.Coli, Chlorine, Fluoride, and many other impurities.


Diatomaceous Earth, Silver, BPA Free Plastic.

Comes packaged in a small glass vial with a cork stopper. Please reuse!

How To

A simple little cleansing ritual is all that’s required for the first use of every Pod.

Step 1: Rinse the Pod under cold water for 10 seconds.

Step 2: Clean your bottle or water container thoroughly before filling with water and using your Pod for the first time.

Step 3: Repeat every two weeks for optimal performance. Yep, preparation and maintenance of your Pod and your bottle is that simple.

End of Life

Plastic casing (category 5) is 100% recyclable with plastic recycling, ceramic core is compostable.

Pods can also be mailed directly to the manufacturer to be recycled: 

Bloc Enterprises
11 Grumman Hill Road
Suite 1A
Wilton, CT 06897

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Takes chlorine taste out

Good product

Takes chlorine taste out

Seems like it takes bad taste out of our tap water. So far so good.

Carla C
Takes away bad flavors

My home tap water reeks of chlorine and my workplace water..I dont even know how to describe the horrible flavor! This filter gets rid of those unpleasant things and made me stop having to carry so many bottles at a time. The fact that is not attached to specific bottle makes it convenient if one wants to use diferent styles/size of bottles


Wonderful little filter, improved water taste and can fit in many containers. Cute and eco friendly packaging.


This pod has been a LIFESAVER. I drink water all day long, but I’m still a water snob. I can’t believe I’m saying this but it makes water taste SO GOOD. All water - filtered or tap. It’s been a god send and actually HELPS me drink water! 10/10 would recommend.

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