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A supportive insole made from cork, to provide comfort, arch support, and alignment. Designed for your individual comfort and proactive wellness, using sustainable materials to support your body and the world. 


We envision a world where the shoes we wear are actually good for our bodies. By making the connection between arch support and everyday wellness, we're creating a sturdier foundation for a healthier future.

Handmade in Porto, Portugal.

Fulton Plant Based Shoe Insoles ship directly from Fulton. Available in the US only. Current lead time: 7-10 working days.


Vegan Cactus Leather, Natural Latex Foam, Cork.


DEEP HEEL CUP - Provides maximum stability and balance to secure your body.

ARCH SUPPORT - Aligns your body to provide comfort and relieve pain.

SUSTAINABLE CORK - Absorbs shock and molds to the shape of your unique arch.


  • TOP LAYER - Cactus Leather. An innovative vegan cactus leather sockliner that’s extra soft on your feet.
  • MID LAYER - Sustainable Foam. A comfortable layer of antimicrobial, natural and sustainable latex foam.
  • BOTTOM LAYER - Cork. Carbon-negative and shock-absorbing cork molds to your unique shape for custom support.


What size should I buy? We recommend choosing the same size as the shoe you’re planning to wear with your insoles. If you’re between full sizes, order a size up.

What type of shoes can I wear these in? Our insoles are intended for shoes with removable insoles (generally sneakers and boots). Just take out the current insoles and replace them with your Fulton insoles. If your shoes are roomy, you can try slipping your Fulton insoles right on top of the existing ones, and see how that feels.

How long do they take to break in? In general, your insoles should be broken in after about 10 hours of walking with them.

Should I move them between shoes? We suggest keeping them in the same pair of shoes. The cork molds to the shape of your foot based on the way you walk in a specific pair, so constantly moving them between shoes won’t provide the optimal support.


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