Rose + Water

Soy + Coconut Candle


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Made with clean-burning vegan hemp wick, phthalate free fragrance oils, and virgin coconut/soy blend wax. Packaged in eco-friendly amber glass jar with white metal lid. Formulated and hand poured in small-batches in San Francisco.

3.5 oz.

Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Approximate burn time 40+ hours.


Coconut and Soy wax, essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance oils, hemp wick.


Sunstone - vetiver, sandalwood, lavender, wild rose, bergamot, black tea, and cedarwood. Soft floral, woody, with earthy base note.

Hinoki - hinoki cypress, vetiver, evergreen, jasmine, ylang ylang. Grounding woody scent with floral overlay.

Wild Rose - wild rose and fig.

Lavender Sage - lavender and sage.

Dusk - woodsy scents of cypress trees and sweet-smelling jasmine, balanced out with earthy sandalwood.

Sea - a blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, white tea, and hibiscus create this refreshing, airy, and ethereal scent.

Vetiver + Lemongrass - Woodsy, fresh, citrusy; Earthy and invigorating scents of vetiver, teakwood, and lemongrass.

Tobacco + Patchouli - A unique blend of medium bodied, smoky, and semi-sweet scent.

San Francisco - A complex, earthy, floral scent featuring clary sage, eucalyptus, wildflower, cedarwood, juniper, sage, and lavender. Like being among a field of wildflowers.

Mother - An ode to mother earth featuring rose geranium, honey, fig, and freshly cut grass.

Customer Reviews

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Very pleasant

I like this candle because it has soy wax and a wooden wick, which I know won’t be harmful to breath in, and I love how it crackles. Smells great too - I have the San Francisco and Dusk scents.

Smells soooo good

I got the one called Dusk and it smells like roses mixed with a mossy forest on a rainy day. the wood wick sounds like a crackling fire and it’s so relaxing! however, sometimes the wick suffocates in the wax and I had to use an unpaper towel to dab out some excess wax. thankfully I had those handy ;)

Maura Quinn
Wonderful candles!

I really love these soy candles. They burn so well, smell just as described, and bring the good scents to your space but without overwhelming or irritating you. Easy to recycle too. Will buy again!

Good vibes!

Awesome candle! Love the light scent and crackling wick.

Milagros Araúz
It smells amazing!

The best candle I’ve ever had. It smells so good. 💯

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