Oxygen Brightener Powder (Bleach Alternative)


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Our Oxygen Brightener Powder is a people and planet-friendly detergent powder made with non-toxic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

Our Oxygen Brightener is a bleach alternative that acts as both a laundry booster and an oxygen cleaner. Use it to cut through tough stains and persistent odors.

128 HE Loads or 64 Regular Loads

  • 100% plastic free (scoop and all)
  • Unscented
  • Vegan
  • MADE SADFE Certified
  • Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free
  • Free from: bleach, chlorine, dyes, synthetic fragrances, and preservatives.
  • Net Wt. 32oz


Sodium Carbonate Peroxide (Sodium Percarbonate), Sodium Carbonate (Washing Soda).

How To

How to use as a laundry booster:

  1. Scoop 1/2 tablespoon for HE washing machines or 1 tablespoon for standard washing machines.
  2. Add oxygen powder directly to the drum before adding clothes.
  3. Wash as normal. Powder dissolves in hot or cold water and is color safe. Do not use with wool or silk. Do not use with septic systems.

How to use as an oxygen cleaner: 

  1. Fill a bucket with a measured amount of warm water. Use only as much as needed, as solution does not store well.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of powder for every 8–16 oz. of water, or 1/4 cup of powder for every gallon. Allow powder to dissolve fully.
  3. Use solution to clean surfaces and soak objects. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Rinse surfaces thoroughly after use.


  • Do not use with septic systems.
  • Do not mix with other chemicals such as chlorine or ammonia.
  • Contains sodium percabonate, which may irritate eyes or skin.
  • In case of eye contact, rinse with water for 15 minutes.
  • In case of skin contact, wash with soap and water.
  • If ingested, drink plenty of water to dilute, and do not induce vomiting.


Packaged in a recyclable paper and steel canister with a metal scoop.

Separate paper from metal to recycle, or check to see if local facilities can handle the materials being recycled together.

Customer Reviews

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Alison Baxter
Works great!

I noticed my clothes came out a lot whiter and brighter when adding this to the wash. Would recommend!

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