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Compostable Dog Poop Bags

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Compostable Dog Poop Bags help you keep the planet safe while you pick up after your doggo. 

*Bags are now green


Made from maize flour and vegetable oil, our compostable dog poop bags contain no planet harming plastic and no fossil fuels.

Certified home compostable. Made in the USA.

Includes one roll. 15 bags per roll. Approx. 13" x 8". 


Non-GMO Maize Flour, Vegetable Oil

Customer Reviews

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Baylee Swan
Simple Scoop and Friendly

I love these little bags! I got some for my sister and myself so that when we took our dogs out, we would have something to use if they pooped. But I also wanted something eco-friendly, so after using them, they will decompose. I love that! Less trash hassle in my opinion; even if you did throw it away, wherever they ended up, it would just decompose. Easy to carry in a purse and would recommend for anyone! I even use them for my cat whenever I run out of my cat litter bags!😂 they work just the same!

Kristen LaPorte
One roll of bags

I wasn’t paying attention an when I ordered these I assumed it would be three rolls of bags I was surprised when my order only had one roll.
So far they are working just fine, but I’ll need a refill sooner than I was expecting.

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