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Double Edge Metal Razor
Laura Burchfield
Love the weight

I am really enjoying using this product. I have long wanted to get a reusable razor and this is a great value. The weight makes it easy to hang on to and the shave is great. Only weird fluke was one of the razor blades was missing when I opened the box. Otherwise really pleased so far with this purchase.

Hair Type:: Wavy
Hair Concern:: Dryness, Grey/Aged

This shampoo and conditioner bar set smells great and is great at conditioning my dry wavy hair in our hard water.

An everyday essential!

I use this every morning for my iced coffee and love it so much!!

Love it!

This color is such a natural look, although a little lighter than I was expecting. It’s buildable and feels great on the skin. Already becoming my every day blush.

I wanted to try these because we have really old towels and need new ones. I absolutely love these and will be getting more! They’re lightweight, soft and hold a lot of moisture!

This is a perfect sized soap block. It lathers wonderfully with the scrub brushes and a little goes a long way. I prefer this over liquid dish soap!

This soap smells great and lathers really well!

I love this soap holder because it drains and it is very sturdy


We switched to these tablets about two years ago and don't miss traditional mouthwash a bit. They dissolve nicely and the flavors are pleasant. The container is nice to reuse afterwards.

Love this floss!

I have been using this floss for about two years now and love it!


So glad to find a place that sells the brushes and stands separately! Quality product shipped out quickly with minimal, eco-friendly packaging. Arrived in great condition. I'm very pleased!

Fave toothbrush

Brush with bamboo makes superior toothbrushes. Other bamboo ones have weak bristles and the bamboo isn’t smooth. These are perfect! Will never buy any other toothbrush.

So good!

I usually buy the mahogany bar but I think this is my new favorite!! It smells so good, rich and warm, kind of a spicy masculine scent. I love it!


Haven't tried the batteries yet but I was disappointed to open the box and see that plastic air bubble mailers were used.

Hair Type:: Wavy
Suprising result

I was pleasantly surprised how much I love the HiBar shampoo bar. It creates plenty of "lather" and washes out very clean. Give it a try, you too will be surprised.

Good for getting the fuzzies

So simple, and yet so obvious. Love having another lint/fuzzie/pet hair removing tool in my arsenal---especially one that isn't leaving used plastic-y sheets for the trash. Thanks, Plastic Free Pursuit!

Recycled Canvas Duck Bag - Grid
Kris H.
New favorite bag!

I really like everything about this bag! It's well made and the fabric is thick and durable. So far it's been able to fit everything from my winter boots to an 8x13 cake tin. The bag itself is lightweight and has a nice zipper compartment on the inside. My friends and family should expect them as gifts in the near future.

Love love love

My ring is perfect. It’s so sweet and dainty!

Love love love

This lip balm is the bomb!!! I’m 54 years old and love how it glides, stays and feels. Adds a little color to my lips.

smells great!

This is my favorite deodorant for my more active days. It smells really good and definitely does the job preventing smelly odors after activities.

Bamboo Mason Jar Lid
Megan Cornwell

Love this lid and fits perfectly on my jar!

Love these!!!

So convent and easy to use!


Al fin encontré el desodorante perfecto libre de químicos para mi. He probado más de 4 desodorantes y nada que funcionaba. Pedí este sin ninguna expectativa, por las malas experiencias anteriores pero me sorprendió y lo amo muchas veces. Desde la poca cantidad que uso y que me protege todo el día, su olor suave pero rico, su textura que no es pegajosa y no deja residuos. Lo encontré y no lo pienso cambiar.

The Best All-Around Lotion

I've been using this lotion for years and it's the best ever. I recently took a break to try something new and couldn't wait to get back to my YFE. The shipping was also super quick - I placed my order late Friday night and it was shipped by Saturday morning.

Hair Type:: Wavy
Hair Concern:: Oily, Frizzy
Love this shampoo bar

Smells so good and makes a lot of suds for a clean feel