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Wrapping paper and shopping bags account for about 4 million tons of trash annually in the U.S. alone. Over the holidays, about 227,000 miles worth of wrapping paper get thrown away—enough to circle the world 9 times! 

Most wrapping paper cannot be recycled because it's dyed, laminated, or contains non-paper additives (foil, glitter, etc)

Wrappily paper is printed on recycled and recyclable newsprint which requires less energy and uses more gentle, soy based inks. Each pack of paper comes with 3 reversible sheets and complimentary labels.

  • 3 Sheets Per Pack
  • Reversible
  • Printed on Recycled Newsprint
  • Uses Less Energy
  • Soy Based Inks
  • 21.5" x 34"


Recycled Newsprint Paper, Soy Based Inks.

Packaged in a compostable PLA bag.

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Silvana Oderisi
Compostable Packaging

This is a great option for festive gift wrapping! I can’t believe even the packaging is compostable!

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